Free motion with Janome

We apologize…..we had some technical difficulties earlier today when our Janome Canada artisan, Kim, was going to do an Instagram Live for you.  So to make up for that, we offer the following links so you can get good information on this topic. Thanks, Kim, for compiling this list of links.

Free Motion Quilting Feet on the Janome MC9450 is at

Ruler Foot for the 9400 at

And here is a VERY useful guide to which of our Ruler feet are compatible with which model. 

Attaching Presser Feet to the 9450 at This includes the ruler foot and free motion quilting feet.

Open Toe Free Motion Quilting Foot for the 9400 at

PD-H Darning Feet - 1

That sure gives you some good information on free motion and rulerwork. Have fun!


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2 Responses to Free motion with Janome

  1. Pat Elsner says:

    Exactly what makes the (Horizon)MCP 8900QCP a Special Edition? My machine is labeled on the lower right corner Memory Craft 8900QCP and I might add there has been very little to no support for this machine from the dealer or US souces. This ‘Special Edition’ label confuses me and denotes a more sophisticated machine.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Pat,

      The Special Edition has a different colour: blue – which was just cosmetic. The main difference between the 2 is the Easy set needle plate and bobbin winder. Easier to set the bobbin; different Straight stitch plate for 1/4 inch piecing and new way of winding bobbins – no need to thread the bobbin thread through the little,hole,on the bobbin and thread cutter at the base of the bobbin Winder.



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