Spotlight on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite Part 7: MC15000 Help Movie

Alas, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Today is the last of my Spotlight series on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite computer software, which comes on a companion CD for the Top-of-the-Line, Janome MC 15000 Quiltmaker, and it’s previous versions. For a review of this series, click on the following links to get you started, and be sure to use the SEARCH box on the main page of Janome Life to search for more posts about Horizon Link Suite, and all things Janome!

Part 1: Introduction to Horizon Link SuitePart 2: EmbLink ToolPart 3: PatternCombo ToolPart 4: AcuFil Tools

Today we’ll look at the last two segments of Horizon Link Suite; MC15000 Help Movie and Jsmc862Intaller.

MC15000 Help Movie

As the name suggests, by clicking MC15000 Help Movie, you’ll have little videos to watch to help you with some of the basic operations of your machine. Hover over with your mouse, or click on each icon to review what the video is about, but you can likely guess just by looking at the icons what information may be shared.

MC15000 Help Movie Icons

MC15000 Help Movie Selections

The videos may seem pretty basic, but we may not be sewing buttonholes every day, for example, so it’s good to have a little review once in a while. Click on the Automatic Button Hole foot (R) Icon for some tips. You certainly won’t be sewing very long, or won’t have good results if your bobbin is not wound correctly, so it’s good to review the steps as a reminder, especially if you haven’t sewn for awhile, or if the machine is new to you. Even those of us who’ve been sewing for 30 years and more could use a refresher and reminders from time to time., so the built-in help videos are there to indeed help. They’re also built-in to your Janome MC15000 Quiltmaker, so you can review them on the machine, as well. Page 25 of your manual shows the steps how to access and review them.

MC15000 Help Movie pg 25 in manual

The last segment of Horizon Link Suite is the Jsmc862Installer which will download the drivers into your computer to utilise the USB capabilities of the machine. A few simple clicks of the mouse and you’re done!

HLS USB Driver

And, speaking of done, this concludes my Spotlight on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite computer software. I hope you’ve found it fun and informative and most of all, I hope it empowers you to get comfortable with and to take advantage of all the wonderful tools Janome provides us with this exceptional machine, the MC15000 Quiltmaker. I bought my machine 6 years ago and STILL marvel at all it’s tremendous capabilities. Wouldn’t our grandmother’s be SEW envious!?

Happy Sewing everyone! Stay Safe!


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  1. Hala says:

    Please I need your help for my 15000 .
    Who is the janome tech in montreal or Ottawa .
    I am Canadian live outside Canada . My machine has a problem and there is no dealer where I am now


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