Project Pairings……more from our Partnership with Sew4Home

Not sure if you have visited our website recently? Maybe not as we do tend to get rather caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives?  We have previously announced the news of our Janome Canada partnership with Sew4Home: each month right here on Janome Life we have our Monthly Mini Sewing tips……the latest one this month was offering great advice on successful and stress free sewing of skinny straps and ties. However,  you can scroll back on Janome Life to May and June when we published previously with these monthly sewing tips.

The Kitties to go bag which was paired with our Janome MC9450……isn’t it just adorable? AND you can make it with our project tutorial!

But we wonder if you knew that we are offering quarterly Project Pairings……the first selection was posted to our website under the Inspire tab >> Sew4Home. This offers top notch project tutorials paired with specific Janome machine models. This is not to say that the same project could not be created using another Janome machine, but we offer suggestions and select projects which we think would be very suitable for specific models. Each quarter we highlight 3 different Janome machines. Our first selection is the Mc9450; the Skyline S6 and the HD3000BE.

Our project pairing for the Janome Skyline S6 are these pretty and practical quilted placemats

Full instructions for the projects for each of these Janome  machine pairings is provided on our website for download – very convenient for printing to follow along as you create a new and fun project  ……or follow along on your computer or mobile device and save the paper and ink.

And the pony tail bolster pillow was the project pairing for the Janome HD3000BE.

Are you inspired to try your hand at making one or more of these projects? Let us know how it goes.

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  1. CherylAnn says:

    Thanks for sharing all the great tips. I have been enjoying all the Instagram and YouTube videos that the education folks at Janome are doing for all of us during pandemic times. It is great that we can keep busy and be inspired. Thank you again.


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