Saturday Sewing: making pattern weights using the Janome HP Foot and Plate

We all keep small scraps of fabrics, wrapping, ribbons………. but what to do with them???  Here’s a handy short project to use them  >>> make some Weights to hold your patterns when you are cutting out garments.

It is possible to vary the shapes of our weights: triangles, squares, hexagons, hearts. If you go to Pinterest, you will find a multitude of ideas as well as patterns and variations.

Images de Pinterest

Images found on Pinterest

The seams of these small weights must be very narrow so the Janome HP foot and plate is an ideal choice for this. But you can obviously also make these weights using other Janome sewing machines and feet. 

The HP Foot is skinny & narrow which allows for narrow seams.

Here’s how we made the weights out of fabric:

  1. Download a free pattern from Pinterest.  Here is just one we found. Feel free to search Pinterest or You Tube for others. 
  2. Cut 3 fabrics into triangles. Cut a piece of ribbon 5″ in length.

3. With the HP foot and the HP plate, assemble using a straight seam. Use a good quality thread like Madeira Thread – available at your  Janome Canada Dealer to purchase.

4. Place the ribbon between two of the pieces.


5. Leave a small opening to turn inside out.

6. Fill with rice or other grain of your choice.

7. When the shape is full, sew the opening closed by hand.

If you want a bigger shape, you can change dimensions of  the fabric you cut.


Visit your local authorized Janome Canada Dealer to see the models of the machines that include the HP foot and plate!

Originally Posted on July 4, 2020  by  Céline Ross on Vie Janome. Edited by A. Stitcher and Liz. 

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I am the newest Educator with Janome. While I have been sewing for over 40 years, I'm finding there is always something new to learn in the sewing world. New techniques, new tools and new fabric.
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