Announcing NEW Janome Canada Artisans: Meet the mother – daughter team over at Jalie Patterns

We are thrilled to announce that the mother and daughter team of Jeanne and Emilie over at Jalie Patterns in Quebec have joined our team of Janome Canada Artisans. Of course, we have featured Jalie patterns many times previously here on Janome Life as we love and have used their patterns often.  Various Janome Canada educators have made  a range of garments with Jalie patterns which we have displayed at shows, done show & tell at Dealer store events (especially with our Sewing with Knits classes during the previous 6-12 months) and we have written about Jalie and their patterns here on our blog. Liz has also taught a class called “Jalie Jamboree“ several times at the annual Saskatchewan Stitches Conference – It is a whole lot of fun leading groups of garment sewers through the cutting out and sewing up of various Jalie patterns.  So much creative fun and successful garment sewing with Jalie!

This Jalie hoodie was made by Janomeman and featured some time back here on Janomelife
The Jalie pattern he used is pictured below – Frederic #3884

One of the things we love about Jalie patterns is that they offer a huge range of styles for kiddies, women and men and each pattern comes in multiple sizes to trace off the one you need. I can use the same pattern for myself as well as my little girls!

The Jalie team will be sewing and serging up a storm over at their studio with our Janome Mc6700P and our Air thread serger, the AT2000D.

Jeanne and Emilie are the mother-daughter company founded by Jeanne (left in the pic above) in 1983 when Émilie (right) was only 3 years old. The two make a fantastic duo who bring practical patterns for the whole family. From pattern design and prototyping to photo shoots and packaging, everything is done in-house. Visit their website pattern shop or blog post to learn more. The Jalie team will be sharing tips and tricks on Janome life to help you make best use of your machine and sewing time.

Please  join us in welcoming Jeanne and Emilie to our Janome Canada Artisan team!

We look forward to their blog posts every second month starting tomorrow ……..I  have seen their first post and – trust me – you don’t want to miss it!



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8 Responses to Announcing NEW Janome Canada Artisans: Meet the mother – daughter team over at Jalie Patterns

  1. T- Mac says:

    I am excited to see some videos of the 2000D! I bought it at QC2019 without knowing a thing about sergers. It’s been really hard to find GOOD tutorials (clear video shots) for beginning sewists using a serger for garment sewing.


  2. noranevers says:

    I will check them out. I am thrilled that they use my machine – 6700P. I would dearly love to have the Air Thread but it is not available in Mexico. I wonder why not.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Nora,
      Each Janome subsidiary makes decisions about what models they will stock and sell. You could buy an Air Thread serger from a dealer in the US so long as you understood that your service and warranty would be with that dealer.
      Glad you are happy about seeing posts about the Mc6700P. We do have some posts on this machine – do a search in the search box on the home page of Janome Life. I was looking for quite a while for an artisan who would be a good fit with our Mc6700P and I’m so glad Jalie joined our team of artisans. Please do remember that MANY posts published on Janome Life apply 100% to the Mc6700P even if they were made or photographed on another Janome model. The Mc6700P is one of our higher end models so has many features that our top of the line models also have – such as the HP foot and plate and AcuFeed flex.
      Happy Saturday sewing.



  3. CherylAnn says:

    Welcome Jeanne and Emilie. I love the Jalie Patterns, they fit so nicely. I have taken the classes Liz mentioned at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference – she is an inspiration to all who attend her classes. I also took my 14 year old grand daughter 2 years in a row and she managed to out sew me both times. She was just 11 the first time I took her. She sews Baton Twirling costumes for herself and her little sister – you’d never guess that they were made by such a young girl – they are so professionally done AND THEY FIT them so nicely. Of course they are sewn on a Janome 6600, and serger (can’t remember the model) and they have my first CoverPro 1000 for the finishing. My daughter in law is also a good inspiration for her children – they all sew, even the 2 boys.


  4. mjdutro says:

    This is perfect to see these two artisans today!! I lost my jeans pattern. You know it was a perfect fit and so on. I couldn’t remember the company that made it and I wanted a pair of jeans. The these tow ladies showed up from Jalie and I suddenly remembered that that was it.!! Hooray


  5. Cathy Martino says:

    This is very exciting!


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