Saturday Sewing: Janome Beading foot is not just for beads!

Here is good information from Janome Canada Educator, Amanda, about using the Janome Beading foot and machine embroidery on a linen tea towel. I think it is a good Saturday Sewing project idea. Ed 

A beading foot is amazing for adding pizazz to projects. I’m all about adding bling to things. I’m that person that loves glitter and while that isn’t everyone’s thing but it’s mine. I’m primarily a quilter so I don’t get a lot of opportunities to use a beading foot but then I got playing with one and I think it is going to add a whole new element to my quilting.

If you have never seen a beading foot you may be wondering exactly how it works. The foot is clear so you can see what is going on easily. There is a channel running under the foot which lets your bead strip run under the foot without getting “squished” and it lines the  string of beads or cord up perfectly for the needle to zigzag them down. Janome has 3 different couching feet:  Narrow groove, Wide groove and free motion. On this post I’m focusing on the narrow groove foot. These feet are compatible with most Janome sewing machines. Check them out in the free Accessory Guide on our website (which you may download and print if you wish – it is a PDF) or ask your favourite Janome Dealer. Our Presser foot Workbook (+ supplements) also offers great information on using these feet.  

The Beading foot is not just for beading – This foot can also be used for couching. What is couching you ask? Couching is where you sew a thicker yarn, thread, cord, string down onto the fabric with a zigzag. So much texture! The beading foot is perfect for this because the channel in the foot keeps your yarn all lined up and ready to be stitched down.

These feet could not be easier to use on my Janome M7 continental. In the Applications menu (the little t-shirt icon) I selected the Foot tab and there is a Beading category right there. Then I simply select either narrow or wide groove foot and I’m ready to go. If your Janome machine doesn’t have the Sewing Applications menu,  use a zigzag stitch and use turn the fly wheel towards you to make sure your zigzag is wide enough to clear your beads or cord.

To start I feed my string/cord/thread under the foot and make sure it is the groove. You want the tail at the back and your spool of cord/beading at the front of the machine.  Then you start stitching. You can direct the fabric where you want and not worry about the thread too much. A gentle wave is super easy and by utilizing the amazing pivot function you can even make corners. It’s amazing!!!

The applications for this foot are endless. I can see using it to add some fun quilting detail to my quilts.  Also to add visual interest to various home decor projects. Since the string or cord  is securely stitch down, this also could be great for tactile projects for kids!  

Here I’ve used it to add a fun detail to a tea towel that I had embroidered with one of our Sew4Home embroideries that are available exclusively through your favourite Janome Canada dealer (See this recent blog post here on Janome life about these designs).  The embroidery was done on the Janome MC550E although this could also be done on other Janome embroidery machines.  I made this tea towel from scratch but if you don’t have time for that, this would be awesome for customizing store bought tea towels. They would make a great housewarming or hostess gift.

Do you have any fun ways to use a beading foot? Drop us a comment below!

Happy Stitching!


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2 Responses to Saturday Sewing: Janome Beading foot is not just for beads!

  1. gaylefz says:

    HI Canada, Im here in Queensland Australia. I was wondering how I could get the free teatowel designs. It appears that I need to visit a Janome Canadian Store. is that correct.
    Happy days to you all
    Gayle Z


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Gayle,

      Yes, the Sew4Home Days of the week designs are a Janome Canada exclusive and are only available at our Janome Canada dealers. Sorry about that – some of our marketing promotions are specific to Canada.



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