DIY Reusable Bowl Covers!

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors as much as possible (at least for the 2 months we have summer in Alberta lol!) Make the most of patio picnics, BBQ dinners and more with a reuseable bowl cover!

These bowl covers are so handy for all types of meal prep and entertaining, and they are a far cry from the hotel shower caps my Nana used to use!

They can be made with all types of fabric, from tulle (to cover dry food) to cotton to PUL (polyurethane laminate) for a messy salad. So round up some supplies from your stash, and whip up some fun new covers for your summer entertaining.

First, place your favorite serving bowl upside down on your fabric and trace around the edge.

Add anywhere from 1-3″ to that circle to provide an overhang and to make it fit a couple of different sizes of bowls or platters.

Next, measure the diameter of your largest circle and multiply by 2.5 plus 1″ to get a measurement for the elastic.

Once you have your elastic cut, overlap the ends by about 1/2″ and sew them together.

I like to use the Button stitch to tack the elastic ends together.

Quarter your circle of fabric and elastic, then match them together.

I really love the AcuFeed Flex Plus System on the M7!

To attach the elastic to the fabric, stretch the elastic between the quarter points on the right side and sew, either with a long straight stitch or with a zigzag.

If you have elastic with a pretty edge, stitch it down on top of your fabric. If you want to hide it, attach it to the wrong side.

Once your elastic is sewn all the way around, flip it over to the backside and topstitch with a triple zigzag or other stretch stitch.

The Ultra Glide Foot makes sticky fabric a breeze to sew!

Voila, your reusable bowl cover is ready for the patio!

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  1. CherylAnn says:

    Thanks Janomegirl. That is a wonderful project. I’ll have to find some PUL that I bought years ago to make diapers when my oldest granddaughter could have used them. I’ve had this 14 years and that is way to long, so this is a good repurposing of that fabric.


  2. I love the usage of lingerie elastic! Now I can have lingerie for my kitchen! Much cuter than the swim elastic I have used before. It’s about time to make new ones anyway…..


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