Did you know?

Janome Canada sells MORE than sewing machines. We also have a whole range of Partner Products which go hand in hand with our sewing machines.  Many of these products are currently on SPECIAL so do contact your Janome or Elna Canada dealer to find out how you can save on these items at this time.

Light is a natural resource that is mostly taken for granted. The right light in the right place can have a dramatic, positive effect on your life and creative work. We have  added 8 new models to our wide range of Daylight products and are offering great close out pricing on other models at your local Janome dealer. Call today as stocks are limited on close out items!

Our Tutto bags continue to be extremely popular. We are the exclusive distributor of Tutto bags in Canada – available at our Janome and Elna dealers across Canada. These award winning editor’s choice travel bags consistently receive 5 -star reviews and feature a one year warranty. Perfect for travelling to retreats, classes and scrapbooking events. There is a just-right Tutto bag to suit all your needs. Call your local Janome or Elna dealer today for more information.

Our arrow chairs are also a firm favourite. I (Liz) have had one for any years (think it is coming on for 10 years and it is as good as new despite constant use in my sewing room!) I also just got a hydraulic chair and it has lovely Janome sewing fabric!! I am very partial to the secret compartment in the seat. Just the perfect place for my chocolate stash! AND I also just got the Janome Sew Comfortable foot rest which is just perfect for getting sewing and computer ergonomics just right!! Did you know your elbows and knees should be at right angles for optimum health and comfort?  A hydraulic chair and foot rest make this possible. Yay!

Be sure to contact your favourite Janome or Elna Canada dealer to ask for more information about any of these products. And hurry, some are on summer clear out!

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2 Responses to Did you know?

  1. Dianne Holley says:

    Thanks for the info – but WHY did you not make the information a link to the products?


    • lizafrica says:

      Because we don’t have these products on our Janome.ca website – they are PARTNER products and if I linked to their websites you may not necessarily see the products we have to sell through our dealers. I think I made it pretty clear that further information is available at our Janome Canada dealers.



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