Saturday Sewing: Calming Eye Pillows Made Easy

Now more than ever we need to find ways to bring some calm and relaxation into our homes. Today I have the perfect project to help you with this: This super quick and easy flax and lavender eye pillow is sure to bring you hours of relaxation. They are over-sized and the weight really helps relax your forehead and eyes. This eye pillow features a removable cover so you can wash it between uses or make covers to match your mood! I don’t suggest heating these up but I do highly recommend putting one in a plastic bag and keeping it in the freezer. A cold eye pillow will bring sweet relief to an intense headache. 

I’ve been making these pillows for years and they make awesome gifts. My favourite part about these is that the Janome 7034D makes short work of the project. When you pair it with the Janome Memory Craft 8200QCP you have quick 30 min gift that looks like you bought it in a specialized  boutique!


1.5 cups of Flax Seed
2-3 tsp dried Lavender Flowers
10.5”x10.5” piece of muslin
1/4 yard of favourite woven cotton fabric
Janome 7034D Serger
Janome Memory Craft 8200QCP



  1. Take your 10.5”x 10.5” piece of muslin and fold it in half. Then with the Janome magnolia 7034D,  serge the long edge and one of the short edges. Weave in your tails to secure them. 

2. Flip this case right side out.

3. Fill with 1.5 cups of Flax Seed and as much Lavender as you like.

4. Fold the raw edges inside and either finger press or use your iron. Then using your Janome sewing machine (we used the Janome MC8200QCP ),  sew two lines 1/8” apart starting approx 1/4” from the open end.


1. Taking your favourite fabric cut one piece 11.5”x5.5” and another piece 13”x 5.5”

2. On one short end of the 11.5” piece fold the raw edge towards the back 0.5” and then fold down again another 0.5”. Give this a good press. Then using your Janome sewing machine stitch this hem down.

3. Take the 13” piece and fold one short end under 0.5”. Press and then stitch down close to the raw edge. 

4. With right sides facing line up the unhemmed short edges of these two pieces. Then fold over the longer piece so the fold is flush with the top of the shorter piece. Pin or clip the layers together.

5. Then serge along the long sides and across the bottom and weave your ends in.

6. Turn right side out and stuff with your Pillow. 

Now go find a quiet spot, put on some relaxing music and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

I hope you love this quick project as much as I do! If you make any make sure to tag @janomecanada on social media so we can see them!

Stitch on!


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