Software Snippets: Using the Browser

Now that you have jumped into the amazing world of embroidery digitizing and stitching, let’s talk about file organization. You may feel like this is not important, but it actually is one of the most important things to think about when it comes to design files.

Picture this: Your favourite website for embroidery designs just had a big sale, and you happily added designs to your cart and checked out. After downloading, you can’t find them anywhere!! (This has happened to all of us, I’m sure of it!) What do you do?

First of all, don’t panic. They are somewhere on your computer. Really, they are!

This is the main screen you see when you open your software. I always keep the Welcome tab open so it’s easy to find while working within the program.

Browse looks for all the file formats that the AD software uses and places links to those folders in this area.  Within Browse is a tab for Favorites.  Any folder you have can be easily added to Favorites. When you find a file in your Devices or Recents, just right click on it and select ‘add to favorites’. 

Maybe you have a design folder for Dolls and Daydreams – add it to your favorites.  It will be easy to access it! I have one folder for Embroidery Designs – it contains all the designs I have (yes, I have them backed up too). 

I added that to my favorites.  Now everything is a click away! I love simple and easy.  And I like to click and make it happen!

I also organize my files in a folder right on my desktop.

The other thing about Browse is you can see thumbnails of all the designs, both embroidery formats and artwork formats on the screen.  When you use Open or From File, those are Windows based tools and they will show you folders and icons and a preview of one design in the bottom left corner.

Many of us are used to Windows platform so we may use Open but if you prefer to see all your designs, and have AD do the work for you, open Browse.  When you are on the edit screen both Welcome and Browse are available along the top and  any edit screen you have open  will be there.  If you need to add a file/design to one you are working on you would use From File on the top tool bar.  Choosing a design that way will bring it into the edit screen you are currently working on.

There is one caution that needs to be extremely clear: In Favorites if you right click on your folder you have the option of removing it – But it will only remove it from the Favorites list.

If you right click on a folder/file under Devices you get an option to Remove – this will delete the file/folder completely. It does give you a caution window as a reminder.  In the window on the right if you right click on a design you get the option to Remove it – it will delete the design completely. A good rule of thumb would be Device=Delete.

I hope you enjoy organizing and finding all your files, so that you can have lots of fun with Machine Embroidery on your Janome Embroidery Machine! Many thanks to Anne Hein of Janome America for her expertise.

Until next time,


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2 Responses to Software Snippets: Using the Browser

  1. Jen Cain says:


    Firstly apologies as it is not software snippets I am writing about and this is the only forum I can find to ask about the Janome Memory Craft 9450 workbook. I live in New Zealand, unfortunately it is not sold here therefore I am wondering if you can advise where in Canada I can purchase from. I prefer Canada as the exchange rate is much better for me. Thank you in anticipation. Jenny


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Jen,
      No problem. I can answer you from here, our Facebook page, Instagram or Janome Life You Tube channel. I monitor them all. Yes, I know it is not in Australia or New Zealand. It is produced by Janome America and I guess shipping big heavy boxes of these books is prohibitive cost wise.

      Best I can suggest is use the FIND A DEALER on our website and make enquiries with some of them. Ask if they would be prepared to ship one to New Zealand. I can’t think of one or two in particular right now but if I come up with some possibles, I will let you know.

      Good luck!



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