Machine Embroidered Quilt Labels – Two Options

IMG_8754Do you do labels for your quilts?

I have to admit, it’s not something I always get around to doing.

Whether you are making competition quilts, quilts for the home or quilts that will be gifted, labels are always a nice little addition. Depending on how much information you put on your labels, it provides you with cherished information that you may not remember years from now.

When I have remembered to make quilt labels in the past, I would traditionally use a permanent fabric marker and write the details directly on a piece of white (or light) coloured fabric before affixing to the back of my quilt. Over time, most writing does eventually fade on the most well-used and loved quilts.

Using a Machine Embroidery Design

There are lots of pre-made machine embroidery designs available. When using a Janome Embroidery machine you want to make sure that you purchase JEF designs.

I found this cute design which I set up using the Janome AcuEdit app. I personalized it with my own name by using the fonts that come with the app.


Once the file is set up on the app, it is sent via wifi to my machine, the Janome Skyline S9 Indigo.


I love how the large screen clearly tells me how much time I have left on the design, when to do my thread changes, and even what stitch I’m on.


And are you mesmerized watching your embroidery machine stitch away? My two year old daughter loves to dance along with the stitches – often telling the machine to “go faster!”


In no time, I have a beautiful quilt label. I used a tear-away stabilizer under my white quilt cotton. All I have to do now is trim the fabric and turn the edges under before I sew my label on to the back of my quilt.


Machine Embroidered Quilt Label in Your Own Handwriting

A cherished recipe in one’s own handwriting is  kind of extra special.  I feel the same way about traditional, handwritten quilt labels. It’s like an additional personal touch.

The Janome AcuSketch app let me create a machine embroidered quilt label WITH my own handwriting!


I used my Apple Pencil on my iPad but you can also draw with your finger or another tablet compatible device: Janome has a stylus pen especially for our iPad apps – ask your local Janome Dealer. Part # JASTYLUS.


Editing tools in the AcuSketch app allow for the design to be tweaked just right. And once it is ready, it can be sent over to the AcuEdit app for further editing.


I decided to add a few more embellishments to my handwritten label.


Using one of the numerous Anna Marie Horner deigns that comes pre-loaded with the Janome Skyline S9, I created a frame for the quilt label text.

With that done, I let the machine do the rest!


I let the entire design run through and then decided to let the handwritten text run through again, smoothing out my handwriting a bit and making it stand out more.


Finally, I trimmed all the extra threads with embroidery scissors. Aren’t the little scissors with blue handles which come included with the Janome S9 cute?


Decisions, decisions

Now to choose which one of these final designs to use on my finished quilt?! I love both of these designs.


Which would you choose??

A) The pre-made design


B) The Handwritten Design


Do you make labels for your quilts?
What information do you usually include on there?

Please note that if you have the Janome MC15000, everything Trina shows in this post above applies equally to the Janome MC15000. Yes, you may stitch your quilt label in a different hoop or you may use a different embroidery where she used those flowers, but as both the MC15000 and Skyline S9 are WIFI models, these apps may be used for both machines.  Ed. 

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10 Responses to Machine Embroidered Quilt Labels – Two Options

  1. Janey H. says:

    Would the handwriting label be possible with the 12000 embroidery machine?


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Janey,

      YES!! The AcuSketch app is a free app which you can download to an iPad. You can do what Trina showed but when you need to send it to the MC12000, you cannot do that by WIFI. However, you can email the design out of the iPad to your computer – email it to yourself. Open there in your email and save to a USB stick. Then open the USB at your machine and stitch! As easy as that.



  2. Anne Lunn says:

    It would be really great if this could be applicable for the Janome 15000 please. Thanking  you in anticipation, Anne


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Anne,
      Of course it is applicable to the Janome MC15000!!! Both the Mc15000 and Skyline S9 are WIFI models so you will be able to follow the steps Trina outlined today exactly the same for the MC15000. Trina does not have the Mc15000 at home. She has a Skyline S9 hence mentioning that model. But, to repeat, absolutely everything in this post applies equally to the Janome Mc15000.

      Have you done a search in our search box for MC15000? You will find many, many posts over the years on the Janome MC15000.



  3. Deidra Powell says:

    Love these ideas. How would you attach? I am still learning. I have embroidered one but not sure about attaching


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Deidre

      There are different options. You can machine sew ( top stitch) it onto your backing fabric BEFORE you sandwich and quilt and then it will not ever fall off. Or you could also machine sew it after sandwiching and quilting but you would see this stitching on the front so you’d have to decide if that worked for you or not. I think most people hand stitch it onto the back of the quilt and is often the last thing we do on a quilt. Mostly I tuck it under the binding and depending on where I position it, I may only need to hand stitch 2 or 3 sides of the label and the other edges are sewed down with the binding. I usually do small, neat and largely invisible slip stitches to attach the label.



      • Deidra Powell says:

        Thank you!! Never thought about adding to backing. Someone said the quilting would be on the label that way but I think I am good with that. Going to try. Thanks for the tips!!!!


      • Liz Thompson says:

        Hi Deidre,

        I remember someone once telling me that when you put a label onto the back of your quilt, you are not only telling a bit about the quilt and very importantly, WHEN it was made, but it also gives ownership to the original quilt maker. Apparently some people take labels off quilts for whatever nefarious reason so if you add it before quilting, then that makes it very much more difficult to remove that important label. May sound silly but if I have spent all that time and skill making a quilt, I want MY name on the back even long after I have passed the great divide?!



  4. Deb Doherty says:

    Both labels are great, but one with your own handwriting adds a special touch!


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