Changes to our Instagram Lives @janomecanada

It has been said that one of the only certainties in life is change. This extraordinary year has taught us that in spades!

Since early on in the pandemic lock down we have been offering Instagram lives @janomecanada several times per week.  The purpose of this was to reach out to our loyal Janome customers who were stuck at home. Most of us were anxious and were looking for relaxation and creative inspiration with our shared passion of sewing. We started the Instagram Lives so that you could tune in, learn something new and ask us questions. We were not able to travel to your favourite Dealers’ stores to do our usual Janome presentations this Spring and Summer, so this was the next best thing.





We made sure we saved these Instagram Lives on IGTV and also on our Janome Life You Tube channel as some of you told us that you don’t do Instagram. They are all still there ready and waiting for you to watch: just go to the Janome Canada Instagram page and scroll down through all the pretty pics: Each one that has the little IGTV icon (which looks like a TV)  is a video you can watch right there on our @janomecanada Instagram page. OR you can hop on over to our You Tube channel and watch them here.  The Instagram Lives are all saved in the Instagram Live playlist:  easy to find, easy to watch! You can continue to watch these videos on an ongoing basis.

We also ramped up our Janome Life posts right here on this blog. For many weeks, we did a post every single day. Sometimes even more than 1 per day. We know you appreciated and learned a lot from this as you told us – Thank you very much for your feedback. We have now reverted to a more managable level of blog writing and are currently offering around 4 posts per week. Sometimes more, when required. This will probably not change. We know you love janomelife as we see that in the stats which continue to grow  –  Thank you for following us and for commenting and liking our posts.

Michael has also offered Instagram Lives on the new Instagram page for The Janome Sewing and Learning Centre; Janome Canada’s head quarters, @janomehq, during the pandemic and these too were saved for future viewing at the Janome HQ You Tube channel. He continues to offer LIVE presentations @janomehq every Wednesday at 1pm EST, and now has the Janome HQ Facebook page as another means to stay in touch and share the Janome love! He is also working on new things for the Fall, including on-line classes, so be sure to follow @janomehq on Instagram and Janome HQ on Facebook where he will also announce plans for Consumer Education classes at the Janome Sewing and Learning Center in Oakville, Ontario in due course. You may write to Classes@Janome-Canada.Com to be put on the class list, as well.  

This Wednesday  9thSeptember,  Michael  will  continue  with  his  Magical  Mystery  Machine  tour.  1pmEastern  as usual.

We will still offer some Instagram Lives on @janomecanada but this will not be on a regular weekly basis. We will announce these ahead of time on this Janome Life blog  – so do be sure you have followed us so you don’t miss them. We will have an Instagram Live tomorrow Tuesday 8th September at 1pm Eastern to give you further information about our ongoing plans for Education support across Canada.

However, it is time to switch our focus and offer ONLINE classes for our Janome Canada customers this Fall.  This will be done through your favourite Janome Canada dealer. Bookings for these classes are already coming in  – we are currently scheduling dates and times with specific dealers who have contacted us to book any of the 16 topics we have on offer. If you would like to attend any of these classes, please ask your favourite Janome Canada dealer if they will be hosting these classes.

What Topics are we offering? Please scroll down this post for more information OR watch our Instagram Live coming up TOMORROW.  We will explain more, answer your queries and show you a few samples we have made for these online classes.

How will it work? Once  your dealer has booked online class(es) with me, Liz, (National Education Manager at Janome Canada), we will set up a specific online class code which your dealer will provide to you together with information including advice about ensuring good connectivity and a Wish List for that class. Each class will be offered at a specific time and will not be available to watch later like our Instagram Lives. You will need to tune in at the time arranged for the class…..just like when the educators visit our Dealers stores to do presentations.  Each class is approx. 2 hours long. You will attend the class online at home using your computer (PC or Mac) or your smart phone or iPad/tablet. If you have not used the online platform we will be using before, the code you get from your dealer includes a link to download the app/software so you can log on and enjoy what we have to teach you.  All very easy once you have the information.  If you have not done it before, you will surprize yourself about how easy it is!

Here are the topics currently on offer for online classes with your local Janome Canada Dealer:

  1. The Perfect Pair

Want to find out more about the incredible Janome Continental M7 and MC550E? It has been SEW much fun to separate the sewing and embroidery and get double done! This is a great opportunity to discover what sets these machines apart from other machines ….. whether you own one or both machines or whether you are thinking about it….this class is for you. Bring your sewing and embroidery questions to this class. 

  1. Janome Sergers and Coverhems

What does a Janome serger and a coverhem machine offer? How to thread up, different stitch options, hints and tips, feet and accessories, project ideas. This topic is presented in a series of THREE online classes for sergers and THREE for Coverhems (6 in total): Discover how to thread up a Janome serger or a Coverpro; different stitch program demo’s; see optional accessories in action and absorb plenty of hints and tips for serger and coverhem success.

  1. Embroidery software

THREE sessions on Artistic Digitizer software. Each session will build upon the previous using the same set of designs to achieve different digitizing outcomes.  This would be a great opportunity for those who purchased the Artistic Digitizer during our free trial period a few months back to follow along, learn more about the software, ask questions and expand their digitizing skills.

  1. Notion Commotion for Quilters

An excellent opportunity to learn about Janome machine quilting; feet and accessories. Have you wondered how to continue once you have the top all pieced? This class will walk you through the process from piecing to binding: Watch demos, ask questions, put your Janome machines and tools to good use. A great skill builder learning opportunity.

5. Creative Janome hints; tips & project ideas for stash-busting

We offer fun and creative ways to use up scraps….and then buy more fabric!  During our 1 ½ – 2 hour online class, we will show at least 4 projects that are ideal for using up your scraps of fabric while using various Janome feet and machine features.

6. Using your Janome machine and accessories to make gifts :  Gifts for the Food Fanatic in which we use the Janome MC550E and Continental M7 to show Host/ess and other gifts from personalized embroidered tea towels (using feet like the couching & beading feet) to using the Quilt Binder set to cute embroidered mug rugs……lots of ideas to put your Janome machines and feet to work and make your foodie friends smile!


7. Using your Janome machine and Accessories to make  gifts: Elegant Eco-Friendly Gifts with Janome

There has been a strong switch to using more eco-friendly items. We show you how you can use your Janome machines and feet to help you make the switch: reusable gift wrapping; Plant pot cozy; table napkins; upcycled tote bag; eco-friendly make up removal pads and more ……..put your Janome machines to work for the good of our environment!

8. Sewing for your Home with Janome.

Pillows, bed linen, table linen ++ using Janome feet and machine features to embellish and renew your home décor. Ruffles; pleats, embellishing, embroidery on towels. A must for those who want to beautify their homes, put their machines to work and not pay top $ for mass produced or dubious quality home décor items.

9. Conquering Hemming and mending like a Pro!

Learn all there is to hemming and quick, easy repairs. Hemming jeans keeping the authentic jeans look;  best ways to hem sheers as well as heavy decorator fabrics……and there will be no need to be afraid of hemming knits after this class!  Whether you work with a Janome sewing machine, serger or coverhem machine…..this class has something for everyone, even those who only sew when occasional mending is needed.

What are you waiting for?

Call your favourite Janome Canada Dealer today to find out how and when you can attend these online classes……brought to you by the Janome Canada Education team. 

Looking forward to seeing you in a Janome Canada Dealer online class soon!


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2 Responses to Changes to our Instagram Lives @janomecanada

  1. Darrene says:

    I have enjoyed all the Janome Canada videos. Unfortunately I am in Florida, USA and do not have a Canadian dealer. Is there any way I can continue to enjoy them?


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Darlene,

      Janome America has a very active Facebook page with many video’s on their video tab. Also on their Janome USA You Tube channel. If you have not visited and watched these, perhaps you might like to do so?
      We will Definitely continue making videos and publishing these on our Janome Life You Tube channel where all our Instagram Lives have been posted as well as many others not seen on our Instagram Lives @janomecanada.

      I have been on a roll this weekend having a lot of fun making masks IN THE HOOP. SO much easier than the others I have made with my sewing machine and a different pattern with my serger. This is the BEST using a design I downloaded. I have made almost 3 dozen masks this weekend and using up scraps too! I fully intend to make a video showing how to do this after I return from a short vacation – so continue to follow Janome Life blog and YOU Tube channel.

      Michael will still be continuing with Instagram Lives every Wednesday at 1pm Eastern @janomehq.



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