How to Get an Accurate ¼” seam with the Janome M7


Quilters are obsessed with stitching a perfect ¼” seam since this is the seam allowance that you use when you’re quilting and, if you don’t get it right, it can affect your whole project! Lucky for us, the Janome Continental M7 (and other Janome models) offers you several different choices when it comes to stitching an accurate ¼” seam. In this blogpost, I want to show you the various options you have on the Janome Continental M7.

Janome M7 full

There are 4 different feet that you can use to get a perfect ¼” seam when stitching with the Janome M7:

  • the ¼” seam foot O (O foot)
  • the ¼” seam foot O (without guide) (O foot without guide)
  • the Professional Grade Foot HP (HP foot)
  • the AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade foot HP2 (HP2 foot)
2 O feet, HP and HP2 feet with HP needle plate

HP2 foot, HP foot (on machine), O foot, and O foot without guide

Let me explain the set-up for each of these feet.

Let’s start with the O feet. Both the O foot and the O foot without guide are set up the same way. These feet are exactly the same except that one has a metal guide along the edge of the foot and the other one doesn’t. I’ll let you guess which is which 😉

O feet

The O foot and the O foot without guide

When stitching a ¼” seam, you’ll be using a straight stitch so you’ll want to install the straight stitch needle plate on the Janome M7 when using either of the O feet.

Straight stitch needle plate and O feet

The nice thing about this machine is how easy it is to install and switch out one of the 3 needle plates that are included with the purchase of the Janome M7. All you have to do is press the lock out buttonLocked screen

and then press on the needle plate icon on this same screen.

Lifting needle plate

This is the message you’ll receive once you’ve pressed the needle plate icon

The needle plate will automatically lift up and you can easily remove it and replace it with another one. Installation is just as easy: simply install the appropriate needle plate and it will automatically lock in place. No worries about chipping your nail polish when working with the needle plates on the Janome M7! 😀

HP needle plate lifted

The HP needle plate has lifted and is ready for removal

With either one of the O feet installed on the Janome M7 and the straight stitch needle plate installed, it’s time to choose the appropriate settings on the Janome M7.

As I’m a quilter, I typically choose the patchwork setting on the Janome M7. From the main menu, press on the t-shirt icon – the sewing application menu – to access the various specialty menus.

Universal screen normal

The t-shirt icon/ sewing application menu is to the far right of the main screen

Quilting menu

This is the quilting menu screen

Choose “patchwork piecing” and you will then be able to select the “straight stitch” option and you’ll be all set up to do some ¼” stitching.

Patchwork piecing menu

There are 2 other feet included with the Janome M7 that you can use when stitching a ¼” seam: the HP foot and the HP2 foot. Both of these feet use the Professional Grade Needle Plate HP (HP needle plate) so you’ll need to install it when stitching with either of these feet.

Hp and HP2 feet and needle plate

The HP2 and HP foot with the HP needle plate

The difference between these two feet is that the HP2 foot works with the AcuFeed Flex Plus system. It really helps to keep the fabric pieces advancing at the same pace to avoid any pushing of the top fabric. Be sure that you hook the HP2 foot into the opening on the back of the Janome M7 so that it will engage with the AcuFeed Flex Plus system.

Back of HP2 foot inserted

How to install the HP2 foot at the back of the Janome M7

You will also need to press the dual feed device to activate this system.

Dual feed activated

Press this icon to activate the dual feed system

There are several setting options when using the HP foot or the HP2 foot to stitch a ¼” seam. I like to use the Utility 1 stitch and this is the stitch that is automatically chosen for you. Only those stitches which can be used with the HP feet and needle plate combination will be available for you to choose.

Universal screen with HP needle plate & foot

Utility 1 setting for the HP or HP2 foot

I like to use the HP2 foot with the AcuFeed Flex Plus system activated when I’m stitching a ¼” seam on a long piece of fabric, such as when I’m adding borders or binding. It’s also a great choice if you’re a sewist and want to add topstitching to a project.

For piecing an accurate ¼” seam, I like to use the HP foot and the HP needle plate combination. I find this gives me the best results.

I like how the Janome M7 gives you several choices when you want to stitch a ¼” seam. Whether you’re a quilter or a sewist, you’ll find one of these options perfect for your project.

Happy creating from Kim Jamieson-Hirst of Chatterbox Quilts, a Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.





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11 Responses to How to Get an Accurate ¼” seam with the Janome M7

  1. princess3054 says:

    Great article, I am learning so much since I bought my M7, love all the helpful sites….Janome forever


  2. Toni Fairchild says:

    Is the HP system available for the MC6650?


  3. CherylAnn says:

    Thank you Kim. You explained the functions of the ¼” feet so well. I have the Continental M7, and MC15000, so I’m well equipped to get sewing. I hadn’t used the HP system with my MC15000 much, but I’ve gone to town and really improved my accuracy on my M7. I’m learning how good “perfect” ¼” seams really are in a whole quilt. I’m loving it.

    Cheryl – Saskatoon


    • Nadine northcotte says:

      Is there a number we can pit into our machine for 1,/4 inch .withh my brother machine i put in 5.5.and stitch 3.0


      • Liz Thompson says:

        Hi Nadine,
        There is a specific piecing stitch in the Quilt category which is set to a 1/4 inch when using the 1/4 inch foot. It reduces the stitch length to 1.8 which is what most quilters prefer. And the needle position goes automatically to 1/4 inch from the edge of the O foot or the guide on the O foot with guide. This is needle position at 8.3. You can of course change this setting by moving the needle further to the right if you want a scant 1/4 inch.
        Hope that helps you. It really is quite simple and so convenient. You can even save that exact needle positon setting in My favourite stitches – see your manual for how to do that. Then you wont need to reset sticth settings each time you do a 1/4 inch seam. Just select the stitch and it will come up with YOUR setting.


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  4. Tammy Hutchinson says:

    Nice post. I wish you would do the same for an accurate 1/4″ on the 8900QPC. I can’t buy another machine right now. 🙂


  5. Phyllis Evans says:

    Did you get this? We were talking about this foot when I was over.

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  6. Barbara barone says:

    Can the hp plate and hp foot be used with Janome 8900


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