What is ACUFIL quilting?

I get asked this every so often: AcuFil is the name Janome uses for our very clever system of using your embroidery hoop to QUILT your quilts. In other words, the next best thing to a computerized longarm quilting machine with software! Simply use our AcuFil software to create a myriad of quilting designs (outline or quilting stitch designs work much better than stitch fill designs).

Acufil Quilting kit for Janome MC12000 – we still have stock of this. If you ask very nicely, your Janome Canada dealer may be able to get you a special clearance deal?! Going….going…..gone!

Then hoop up the whole quilt sandwich using our very well designed AcuFil hoops and big magnets. No screws, just big magnets and a hard template to position the quilt easily. There are different sized Acufil hoops. Ask your local Janome dealer what options you have: MC11000 had 2 Acufil hoops: one rectangular and one square; The MC12000 and MC15000 use the ASQ22 hoop and the MC500E and MC550E also have their own AcuFil quilting kits with square hoop. Acufil quilting hoops are not available for any of our other embroidery machines.


On the Mc15000, the Acufil Tool software is included when you install the CD of Horizon Link Suite software. Whatever model and kit you have, the software needs to be installed on your PC so that you can work with it and create wonderful quilting-in the-hoop!

And here is one of the Acufil quilted blocks in a our series of peacock quilts. ASQ22 hoop on the Janome MC15000 was used.  Some were done with aqua coloured thread so the texture was seen more than the actual quilting. Here a low contrast thread colour was used a light lime/yellow) to show up the quilting a little more.

A quilting panel exclusively quilted in the hoop using AcuFil quilting. The MC15000 ASQ hoop was used throughout. And mulitcolour Madiera Aeroquilt thread was used for the stitching

Each group of 4 blocks on this pre-printed panel was quilted using the block pattern on the fabric to position and hoop very easily. Then all the individual blocks around the perimeter of the quilt were quilted in groups of 2 – again, very easy to position and line them up accurately using the hard template and magnets on the AcuFil hoop.

How will you quilt your next quilt? 

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