Great news – Coming soon: another FREE trial offer of our Artistic Digitizer software!!


YES!! We are thrilled to give you the news that we have another LIMITED TIME FREE TRIAL OFFER for our Artistic Digitizer software coming soon……back due to popular demand. 

Some of you missed our free trial offer back in April and May. We know you were disappointed so your second chance is coming soon!!

Please do NOT delay –  Apply for your code as soon as the free trial offer opens. Details coming soon about where and when you can apply for your code for the free trial……this is an advance notification for you to get ready!


There will be a limited time opportunity to apply so be sure to watch this Janome Life blog and our website for further details of when the offer will open for applications for the code.  We highly recommend you apply timeously so that you have time to play with the software and consider purchasing the software  – there will be wonderful discount pricing on Artistic Digitizer!

The code given to you for this free trial will EXPIRE on 31st October. So you will need to use the software before that date …… plan ahead now! 


Please read the details which are coming soon very carefully so that you do not miss out and can take full advantage of this incredible offer.

All through the month of October, we will publish many posts on Artistic Digitizer so that you have lots of support and education input and inspiration to try out various features and techniques in this software. Please be sure to FOLLOW Janome Life blog so that you do not miss any of these posts.


Please also be sure to join the Artistic Digitizer Facebook group where Anne Hein, Software Specialist Educator, is sure to have lots of creative Artistic Digitizer information for you all. This is an invaluable resource for Artistic Digitizer.


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5 Responses to Great news – Coming soon: another FREE trial offer of our Artistic Digitizer software!!

  1. Cindy Vines says:

    I am sooooo glad. The last time this was available my mother became ill and passed away. I only got to use the trial software twice. Currently, I have a 15000 MC on order and this is perfect timing. Looking forward to enjoying this opportunity. What I did before had me very interested in this product.


  2. linmidquilts says:

    Sorry I am talking about the Artistic Digitizer software information above.


    • Liz Thompson says:

      The information about how to apply for the code will be announced on our Janome Canada website We will post at least twice a week here on Janome Life with exercises and techniques/ features for you to try.
      The only Facebook I mentioned was the Artistic Digitizer Facebook group. If you do not do Facebook, then you will just miss out on that resource and very worthwhile place to ask questions etc. A pity, but that is your choice – that resource is only available on Facebook although we have other places offering information.



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