A quick project from the Jalie team – perfect for the Air Thread 2000D serger

It’s the time of the year when you trade flowy skirt and culottes for warmer clothes. What about a comfy top made in a soft sweater knit?

For our September Janome Artisan post, we chose the quickest make of our entire pattern line: the ROMY sweater! This sweater (which can also be made as a tunic) can be made entirely with a serger. When using the AirThread 2000D, you can sew this garment in no time from threading to finish!

The only prep required is to mark a horizontal line, from notch to notch on the front and back piece (same pattern piece for both, this pattern uses very little paper if you are tracing or printing from home!)

We use a tailor chalk and make sure the line is straight and parallel to the collar edge.

Cuffs and hem bands are folded right sides together and sewn to form loops that we later bring wrong sides together. If you are making many garments for a back to school wardrobe, the air threading is a game changer! Perfect if the thought of threading a serger has always stressed you out. With the AirThread system, it’s pretty much as simply as threading a regular machine!

Before assembling the sleeves with the front and back, we finish the edge of our collar edge to make sure it won’t fray. Notice how the tension is perfect and the stitch looks great on both the right and wrong side!

See how simply this sewing project is: 8 assembly seams (sleeves and bands)… almost done!

Fold cuffs and hem bands wrong sides together and sew to the bottom of the sleeve and garment.

Isn’t it satisfying when everything lines up? Taking the time to pin seams together first (and markings centers if you need extra guides) is always a good trick.

The last step can be done with a straight stitch on a regular machine, but we did it on the serger for this post. With the garment wrong side out, you simply fold the collar, at the line you marked at the beginning to bring seam allowances together and you stitch together to keep all layers together.

Turn right side out. The collar will stay folded, wrong sides together, no topstitching required, everything is nice and smooth!

Tada! You’re done! Now, have fun with the original pattern, in sweater or tunic length or take it to the next level with our latest add-on:

Original neckline with puffed sleeve
Square neckline and puff sleeve


Jalie ROMY pattern
Jalie ROMY add-on (square neckline and puff sleeves)
Janome AT2000D Air thread serger
– Sweater knit purchased at a local fabric store.

Romy sweater + Renée ponte pants make a great team!
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