Monitoring your embroidery projects

I’m currently working on a special (secret!!) project for a friend of mine who is going through treatment for cancer. I’m embroidering words of encouragement from her circle of friends onto blocks that will then be sewed into a quilt. I am really enjoying the very personal nature of this project but because these are big embroidery files, I am spending A LOT of time at my Janome Skyline S9!

I can easily work on a sewing project for hours on end… but it was starting to feeling like a lot of time was spent sitting there to just watch my embroidery projects unfold.

Did you know that Janome has an app for that!

Yup! The Janome AcuMonitor App means you don’t have to sit by your machine and watch it stitch out your projects.

This free app actually freed up a lot of my time. After downloading the App onto my iPad, I was able to connect via wifi to my S9 and wherever I was in the house with my iPad, I could check in on the progress of my embroidery project.

This was the start of a new block. It shows an overview of the embroidery detail in the top left hand corner, and the project status is displayed in the middle.

I use this for every embroidery project now. I really like the progress bar at the bottom.

The app displays all the various colours for your project (these had minimal thread changes), a stitch count, and a count down timer for how long till your embroidery project is completed.

And… if you happened to run into an error, it displays an error message on the screen.

A little ways into this project, my bobbin ran out. Oops! But an easy fix to head back to the machine and correct.

And then just before the block was done, my thread randomly broke (older thread – my bad!) and I had a picture of a bobbin of thread on the screen with the error message.

I seriously love this app and always make sure my iPad is charged now before beginning an embroidery project. Even if I’m just sitting a few feet away working on something else it makes it so easy to monitor the status.

The AcuMonitor App works on Janome Memory Craft 15000 and Skyline S9 machines which are our 2 WIFI models. It is not compatible with any of our other Janome embroidery machines which do not have a WIFI connectivity. 

I can’t wait to finish this quilt and present it to our friend.

Do you use any of the free Janome Apps for your embroidery projects?

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7 Responses to Monitoring your embroidery projects

  1. Terry. says:

    How nice of you to do this Trina. It will be a wonderful gift.

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  2. Mickey Hunt says:

    Please, it’s about time Janome started making all their wifi apps compatible with the less expensive Android devices, we paid enough for the MC15000 ! I do not like the Safari operating system and will not purchase an expensive Ipad just to be able to use all the Janome apps (and you know I am not alone).


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Mickey,

      Janome has done this. We have reported this feedback and the AcuSpark App is compatible with both Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.



      • Mickey Hunt says:

        I apologize, I was not aware of this app and will investigate it, thank you Liz!


      • Liz Thompson says:

        It is specifically for the Continental M7 – it connects to the machine using a QR code. However, many of the features on the M7 are also on your Mc15000 so you can download the app and use it on your android device. Some features don’t apply but a lot do. And, trust me, we have asked many times for android compatibility. I think we tried to please too many people by offering Apple apps and Horizon Link Suite for Windows. You please one group of people and the others complain. It’s a bit of a tightrope walk.
        But we now have AcuSpark for both Apple and android and our Artistic Digitizer embroidery software ( FREE TRIAL NOW ON – see our Janome Life Post tomorrow or our website today) is compatible with both Windows and Mac. So I think we are moving in the right direction!



  3. Carol says:

    I just acquired the skyline S9. Absolutely love it. So many thoughtful features. I do not have an iPad but borrowed one to check out the apps etc. I have used the monitoring app and it’s fabulous. Just as you said it literally tells you everything you need to know. It’sa as if you were in the same room watching it yourself. I have also tried out the other apps too. They are all fabulous!


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