A Few of my Favourite Things!


So whenever I think about all of the features for the Janome Continental M7, the song from the Sound of Music about Maria’s favourite things runs through my head! Seriously, if I made a list, I could create new lyrics for it haha. Recently I had the privilege of doing a guest spot with Janome America and their Facebook Live series, and I wanted to share all of those things with you too!

My list was super long, so I had to pick only my very favorites! I love the stylus. It has it’s own storage spot on the side of the machine, and it is so useful for everything from the touch screen to adjusting thread placement and more.

The AcuSpark App is also amazing. I love using it to confirm stitch choices, to look at the built-in quilting instructions and to choose the right foot for what I want to do.

Ruler quilting is fast becoming a favorite of mine, and I really like being able to choose the kind of quilt sandwich that I have and then have the perfect settings at my fingertips.

Janome Continental M7 with the HP foot and plate.

And that HP2 foot, oh my lol. I think this foot is always on my machine, I use it for everything! It’s perfect for circles and topstitching. And when you pair it with the presser foot lift function, matching seams and piecing are totally awesome and stress free.

Another popular type of sewing is with knit fabrics, to create one of a kind garments. The M foot makes finishing the edges of knit seams really nice and strong, and has a built in guide to run the edge of your fabric along. I also love the settings in the Application Menu for seaming knit fabrics. One click and all the right parameters for perfect stitches are set.

The last thing I want to mention on my favourite list is the buttonhole stabilizing plate. Buttonholes often make sewists nervous, and I used to prefer putting in a zipper to doing buttons. But that has all changed! With the buttonhole features on the M7 machine, I can get perfect buttonholes every time, even on knit fabric.

If you missed the Facebook Live, you can Go  Facebook >> Janome Sewing machines >> Videos Tab and then scroll down until you get to Overview of M7 features.  Click and you will be able to watch that Facebook Live with Erin. 

So tell me, what’s your favourite thing about the M7? Tell us in the comments below!!

Until next time,



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2 Responses to A Few of my Favourite Things!

  1. Katherine Quinn says:

    Would these instructions be the same on my 9400

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