Next Step….. A Long Arm Quilting Machine?

Everyone is sewing these days. Making quilts, clothes, crafts, masks and surgical caps. It is fantastic! We are sold out of so many sewing machines. I love that people are being creative. Sewing is a fabulous way to make the best of your time making something and sewing helps us get our minds of our troubles.


With all these quilts being created there is a higher need for people to long arm these quilts. What a great time to start you own business and start quilting quilts for people by purchasing a Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18.

This fabulous machine is so versatile. You can free motion quilt, ruler quilt and quilt pantographs.

You can use the software with the included tablet when you purchase the computerized component  – the quilting software programs Pro Stitcher Premium or Art and Stitch that has hundreds of built-in designs. Pro Stitcher Designer is a new quilting software program. 

Pro-Stitcher Premium Tablet

One reason people don’t think of getting a long arm quilting machine is space. The Quilt Maker Pro 18 solves that problem by having a frame that can be smaller if you don’t have the room for the full machine:  4′, 8′ or 12′ as all possible. There is also a two foot attachment to make it a 10′ frame. Most people make twin or queen size quilts, so you don’t really need the full 12′.

I took the plunge and bought one. I’m very excited! Over the next little while I will be posting my adventures, so keep an eye on our Janome Life posts.

If the thought of long arming your own quilts or starting a longarm business sounds exciting, do contact your local Janome dealer to purchase your next adventure. Happy Quilting!

About Anne Stitcher

I have been an Educator with Janome for several years now. Crafting is my passion. I love to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, cross-stitch, scrapbook, paper tole and cook. I have so many hobbies. I am always doing something. I love to use my skills to help people in need and to pass on my knowledge to others. Happy Sewing!
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8 Responses to Next Step….. A Long Arm Quilting Machine?

  1. Barbara billard says:

    Is there any where near cornwall ontario that has one set up thank you


  2. Barbara P Diver says:

    I read somewhere that it isn’t so much the machine but the frame that is adjustable for different lengths of quilts that causes the machine/needle to jump and move about that leaves a distortion in the quilting seam. In other words where the poles on the quilting frame cause the machine to jar and move somewhat causing the disconnection of the sewn seam. Does this frame do this as well?


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Maybe some longarms have that problem? Ours does not. The poles or rods are METAL 4 foot lengths but are joined with sturdy metal Couplings which give a seamless join which does not bend or bow or cause any “jumps” you mention. What actually is very important is the surface and tracks upon which the carriage runs. Is that 100% flat, level and even? Ours, again, is very smooth and the joins are seamless so we just don’t get any “jumps”. Provided, of course, that the table is assembled correctly – which is not difficult to do.

      I also think pressing seams on the quilt top PROPERLY before loading the quilt onto the frame is important as is the sharpness of the needle and the power of the motor of the longarm.

      When all these things are present, as they are with our longarms, there should be no issues at all.



  3. Linda Kiely says:

    Hi Anne,

    OOoohhh! These seem awesome!! I sure would like to check them out in reality somewhere… Can you advise, please… is there a store/outlet near Hamilton Ontario Canada that has one set up on display for folks to see what it’s like? Any idea of Canadian prices and warranties? Please mail/email me any info you have on them. Thank you!

    Best regards, Linda Kiely 877 Templemead Drive Hamilton, ON Canada L8W 2V6 H: 905-383-6587


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Linda,

      I believe Triangle Sewing in Guelph is an authorized longarm Dealer for our Janome QMP. Please call Nancy or Krista to find out if they currently have one set up in their store. If not, let me know and I will make another recommendation. Sorry, we do not quote pricing here at all. Warranty and pricing information is discussed with the dealer.

      We do also have both the 12 foot and 5 foot longarms set up at our Oakville Sewing and Learning Centre but that is closed to the public at this time due to the pandemic so, unfortunately, I don’t believe it is currently possible for you to visit there.



  4. Patrick Duguay says:

    I soooo badly want the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 with the computer and all, but I have two issues, lack of funds and lack of space! My cousin has it and I drool over it every time I go visit! LoL


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Yes me too. I downsized a few years ago and have no space for a long arm. I have a sit down but is is not the same thing at all.
      However, did you know that you can add the computerized component to the QMP16 with the 5 foot frame with clamps rather than rollers. Quite a bit smaller and less $$.



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