Storage Solutions for the Janome Quilt Maker Pro Longarm Quilting Machines

As the saying goes, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  We sewists, quilters, creative people; any hobbyist or collector will certainly agree. We have “stuff” and need places to put it to stay organized and to work efficiently.

Putting that into practice, however, is another problem entirely!

If you own one of our fabulous Janome Quilt Maker Pro longarm quilting machines; the Janome QMP 18 or the Janome QMP 16, or are considering  purchasing one, you’ll be as thrilled as I was to know that Janome now has DRAWERS to mount under the table, so you can clear the clutter and keep all of your supplies; all of your “stuff” handy at your fingertips!


Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 with !2 Foot Frame

Janome QMP 16 with 5 Foot Frame


The above two photos are of the Janome QMP 16 on the 5 Foot Frame. The top photo is the frame as it comes standard, and the bottom photo shows the 5 foot drawer attached in place under the table. There’s even little side mounting blocks to fill-in the extra space on each side of the drawer so it’s sleek and inconspicuous. Janome thinks of everything!

Inside, you have TONS of room for thread, like the fabulous Madeira AeroQuilt thread, available from your Janome or Elna Canada Dealer.


I think it’s safe to say, we, all of us educators at Janome Canada, LOVE this thread! We used it exclusively at Quilt Canada in Ottawa last year (2019) for example, and the ONLY time I experienced a thread break was on Day 2 when I forgot to change the needle in the morning. On Day 1, we demoed the Couching Feet the majority of the day and stitched yards and yards of a variety of yarns, which, over the coarse of the day dulled the needle.


Once I changed the needle, we were back in business, and quite literally, we did not experience any more thread breaks for the remaining 3 days of the show!

For more information on the Couching Feet Set, and other optional presser feet which will work with the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18, Janome Quilt Maker Pro 16 AND the Artistic Quilter Sit Down 16, click on the link HERE.

Other optional accessories, like the Ruler Base, (there’s one for the QMP 18 and one for the QMP 16, so be sure to order the correct one for your machine from your dealer) easily fits in the storage drawer, as do tools, extra fabric, batting scraps, you name it! You also have the choice to mount the drawer so it faces towards the front of the machine, as in the above photo, or it can mounted to open at the back of the machine, as in the photo below.


4 Foot Drawers can be mounted to a 4 Foot, 8 Foot, 10 Foot, or 12 Foot Frame.

The above photo shows a 4 Foot drawer opening towards the back of the machine, mounted to an 8 Foot Frame. This is a good set-up so you have easy access inside the drawer even when a quilt is on the frame, as that would be attached to the rollers at the front. The drawer(s) are a great storage solution for paper pantographs, which you’d use along the table at the back of the machine; extra bobbins; instructions for the Pro Stitcher Premium computer software, which is another amazing and awesome accessory for your longarm! Even the box for the big UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply unit fits in there! What’s that you ask? Why is that important?

Janome recommends using a UPS unit with your longarm quilting machine, especially if you use the Pro Stitcher Premium software. The UPS box will deliver a consistent supply of power to the machine and protect against interference and outages. In the event of a power outage, for example, the UPS will allow you to finish your row or design of quilting, save your design, if needed, and to safely shut down your machine. This, too, we learned first-hand at one of the shows, so now that UPS box stays in the drawer with the machine so it’s always at hand, ready to go whenever the machine is needed.


Front side of the frame showing the back of the drawer

Even the backside of the drawer, shown in the above photo, which is at the front of the quilting frame, you barely notice it as it’s tucked in under the table. It looks clean and tidy, as if it’s part of the frame, and nothing sticks out anywhere to get in the way. It’s perfect!

AND, with the cool design of the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 12 Foot Frame, you can mount up to three 4 Foot drawers, so just think of all the space; all the stuff you can organize and hide away! Think of how much more quilting you could get done by having all the supplies and tools you needed to complete your project neatly stored and accessible at your fingertips. I certainly can, which is why I mounted these to the machines we use at the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre.

If your frame is set-up for an 8 Foot, as ours is at the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre, no problem, two 4 Foot drawers would work beautifully. What if you have a 10 Foot frame, which is comprised of two 4 foot sections and an optional 2 foot section? Easy, you can mount two 4 Foot drawers. What if you only have a 4 Foot frame set-up? Perfect! You can have one 4 Foot drawer, and again, you decide which way you’d like it to open; towards the front of the machine, or the back. You always have options with Janome!

We’ll be using the Janome longarms in some of the upcoming classes on-line and eventually in person at the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Write me at (copy and paste in your browser) to be put on the class list. As well, follow Janome HQ on Facebook, and @janomehq on Instagram to stay in touch and #sharethejanomelove.

A place for everything and everything in its place. With these 4 Foot and 5 Foot Drawers available for the longarm quilting frames, it’s problem solved! As always, check with your fabulous Janome Dealer for more information.

Happy Sewing!

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As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at
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  1. Karen A Doering says:

    When will these 4′ drawers be available?


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Karen,

      I have not checked inventory to see if they are currently in stock – as this is an education and not a sales forum. HOWEVER, as far as I am aware, we have had these drawers since LAST year! You can ask your Janome dealer to check current inventory. If we don’t have, we can order them in.



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