Does 1/2 inch of fabric matter?

Post written by Anne Stitcher – Janome Canada Educator.


If I said that you could save 1/2 an inch of fabric, you would probably think, so what? It is only 1/2 an inch of fabric. But over time that 1/2 an inch of fabric does add up. Fabric is expensive and I don’t like wasting it.

If you use our Quilt Binder for putting binding on your quilts, each strip is only 2 inches instead of 2.5 inches. A baby quilt is 4 strips of binding, so there is an inch of fabric by WOF (Width of Fabric) you have saved! 

Just to give you a visual example of the difference of what 1/2 an inch of fabric can make.

This baby quilt was created with a 5 fat quarter bundle by Carola Russell.

This is a bed or suitcase quilt or a long table runner & was created with a 5 fat quarter bundle by Carola Russell.

So, these two beautiful items were created with the exact same about of fabric. Every seam reduces the finished product by 1/2 of an inch. The baby quilt has 5 small pieces for every block while the bed quilt has larger pieces. 1/2 of an inch does make a difference.

The next time someone says 1/2 an inch of fabric isn’t much, show them this. Thanks Carola Russell for sharing your creations with us.

Contact your local Janome Dealer for the Janome Quilt Binder and do a search on this blog for tips and tricks for creating fabulous bindings.

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