Look what you can do with Artistic Digitizer Software: Digitizing Embroidery using Backdrop Images

One of my favourite reasons to own Artistic Digitizer Embroidery Software is that you can take an image or logo or drawing (please make sure that it’s a royalty-free image or you have permission to use it) and import it into the software to digitize yourself.

You can easily import it into the software by using ‘From File’.

When working with an image/graphic– bitmap, (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, and .tiff.), there are options as to how to work with it. After the image is selected, the Artwork Image window opens with the choices to work with that image.

When the design arrives on the edit screen the image will be behind it. Go to View, Backdrop – the drop down will show the items used with the backdrop: Hidden, Below embroidery, Edge enhance, Above embroidery.

The last choice is Properties – my favorite! Here you have choices to work with your graphic: rotation, placement, scale or alignment. Why do I like this? It is here I can work with my image without other software! If you were planning to draw/digitize the image manually with the digitize tools, the image can be enlarged to make tracing it easier or to see details better. When you are done you can resize your design to the size you need.

Thanks to Anne Hein of Janome America for creating this content for us! What’s your favourite feature or tool in Artistic Digitizer? Let us know in the comments below.

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