Look what you can do with Artistic Digitizer: Customizing your View

So who’s excited about another free trial of the amazing Artistic Digitzer ? Have you requested your access code yet? It’s really exciting to be able to try out this software before making the commitment. But please be patient – your code can take 24-48 hours to reach you after you have applied online for it. Go to www.janome.ca >> promotions. Please follow the application instructions 100% and remember that applications for the free trial close NEXT week 15th October so hurry!  You can use the software until 31st October once you have the access code. 

Before we jump into today’s Artistic Digitizer information, we want to make you aware that we are running a series of ONLINE classes on Artistic Digitizer through some of our Janome dealers here in Canada. This is a 3 part series of 2 hour classes = 6 hours of very good embroidery software tuition. They are all online classes and we would love for you to have the opportunity to attend. Bookings for these classes (there is a booking fee for each class) must be made with the dealers listed below. You need to book in order to receive the code to log onto each class. (Please note that we are NOT taking bookings here on Janome Life. Bookings need to go through the Janome Canada dealer.)

Detailed Notes have been written and will be provided by the applicable dealer to those who register and attend these classes.

Tom’s Sewing Machines, Surrey, BC Part 1 this week Friday 9th October at 10am – noon Pacific. Please call the store to book Tel 604-507-2841 to get your class code to log on.  They will give you the dates and times for Part 2 and 3. 

Triangle Sewing, Guelph, ON. Please book online at their website: www. trianglesewing.com >> classes.    Part 1 is next week Tuesday 13th Oct at 1-3pm Eastern. You will need to book for all 3 classes Part 1, 2 and 3 as shown on their website in order to maximize your learning.  

Ultimate Sewing, Oshawa, ON.  Please register with the store Tel: (905)436-9193.  Part 1 is Wed 14th October at 10am – noon Eastern. The store will be happy to book you into part 2 and 3 and provide those dates & times + class codes to you. 

Taylor Sewing, Brockville, ON Please call the store at (613) 342-3153 Artistic Digitizer Part 1 will be offered on 5th November at 7-9 pm Eastern. 

If these dates don’t work for you, we are sorry we won’t see you in these classes, but please ask your favourite Janome Canada dealer to call Liz ASAP to book these Artistic Digitizer classes For their store. However, we are almost fully booked until Christmas so it might be that the next opportunity to attend these Artistic Digitizer classes will not be until January or February next year………long after the free trial for the Artistic Digitizer has expired! So get cracking and book NOW. Ed. 

Back to today’s Artistic Digitizer info on how to customize your view:

I want to talk today about customizing your view inside the software. There are so many different options!

This is how it first opens up when you make a ‘new’ design:

We can see all the different toolbars etc.

When you click on ‘View’ from the top ribbon bar, it opens a box like this:

A checkmark beside the option means that the option is enabled.

Look at all the things you can customize! You can decide if you want to see stitches in your design, whether or not your preview is in 3D and so much more. The options that I prefer to change depending on what I’m doing are in the second section: Grid, Guidelines and Hoop. When the Grid is enabled, a graph will appear inside the hoop’s stitchable area. It’s measurement is in inches, so each small box is 1/4″. I find it so helpful when I’m digitizing from the backdrop or drawing my own shapes. With the ‘snap’ function, it means that any lines I create will snap to the intersection of two lines, making my design straight.

The dark red lines are the inch markings, light red is for 1/2″ segments and the blue lines show the 1/4″ increments.

The other thing I really like about the ‘View’ options is that it makes it really easy to know if your design fits in your hoop. As soon as it’s outside of the stitching area, a pink box appears so that you know for sure.

When you make changes to the View options, they appear automatically in the software so that you can edit how you see things at any point while you are using the software. No need to close and reopen to see changes made.


You can also have it restore back to the default settings at any time. Once you are happy with how you like to have it, you can save the current workspace to be the default, and it will open that way every time you go to play with Artistic Digitizer. So what have you discovered so far with your copy of the software? Which view settings do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Anne Hein of Janome America for the software snippets info. 


Until next time,


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4 Responses to Look what you can do with Artistic Digitizer: Customizing your View

  1. K. T. says:

    Can I sign up for online classes if I live in the
    US. If so can I pay in US dollars?


  2. Cheri Wilson says:

    Please remove my email from the artistic digitizer mail. I am not interested in this product


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Cheri,
      I think you may be referring to the Janome Life list of people who follow our blog. Anyone who followed our blog gets a notifications about each blog post. It is not possible to remove you from just some and, in any event, WordPress sends these out automatically. We do not actually do this. However, you would need to go to the home page of Janome Life and UNfollow. That should remove you from the list of all Janome life notifications.

      Janome Canada.


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