JanomeGirl’s Top 10 Reasons to try Artistic Digitizer

Applications for the free trial access code closes VERY soon so if you have not yet applied, we suggest you do so immediately!! Be sure you submit the online application form found on this link.

You can continue to enjoy access to the software until 31st October if you already have your access code. 

Everyone loves a ‘Top Ten’ list, right? It helps narrow down choices, and allows you to have all the info in a short, concise list. Well, I present to you today my Top Ten Reasons Why you should try Artistic Digitizer! I couldn’t put them in most wanted order (because they all could be the number 1 reason!!), so they aren’t in any particular order of importance. Here we go!!

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#1. It can be used on Mac or PC computers. This is a big deal, because many sewists use a Mac computer in their home.

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#2. It’s intuitive. Which is a fancy word for rational or instinctive. When a software program is intuitive, it is much easier to learn because the progression of steps to use the program are natural or logical in format.

#3. It can export (or save) in multiple machine formats. So that means that if you have another brand of embroidery machine in your sewing room, Artistic Digitizer software will still work with it.

#4. The software is designed for all levels of sewists and crafters. Did you know that you can create cutting files in the software for a digital cutter? Also quilting stencils, and crystal stencils too!

#5. Artistic Digitizer can be customized to your exact specifications: you can digitize designs from the ground up, or you can use it to open your embroidery files and simply resize them to fit your hoop. And anything in between!

#6. There are unlimited ways to customize text inside the software. You could create a quilt label and customize it to fit the recipient of any quilted item (or anything really) that you make. You can even create a handwritten label with AcuSketch and email it to yourself to edit inside the software.

#7. You can easily modify designs to make them an applique design, or add knock-down stitches. You can even add quilting designs to your embroidery designs with less than 5 clicks of the mouse. (This technique is covered extensively in our ONLINE Artistic Digitizer Part 2 class. Contact your dealer ASAP to find out when they are offering these Artistic Digitizer classes virtually!)

#8. Do you have a favorite design to embroider, but need to tweak it slightly? You can do that. Do you want to add text, decorative elements and more to your favorite design? You can do that too.

#9. Embellish ready made items with ease. Create a custom design that you can embroider over and over again to use for hostess gifts, gift exchanges and more!

And the number 10 reason to try Artistic Digitizer…. (can I get a drumroll!!) is

IT’S REALLY FUN TO USE! And free to try this month (October 2020)!!

Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to try out this amazing program 🙂

Don’t forget that we are offering a number of ONLINE Artistic Digitizer classes with Janome Girl as your very competent teacher this month. Check out this link to our blog post last week where we listed all the Janome Canada dealers who are offering these online classes on Artistic Digitizer. But hurry…….next chance won’t be until next year as we are fully booked for new class bookings until February! 

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