Virtual Tour of Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCP

Welcome to a tour of the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCP machine! There are far too many features for me to go over them all in one post but I’m going to share with you with my top reasons why I love the Horizon 8200 QCP. The Horizon 8200 QCP is very similar to the Horizon 8900 QCP. So if you have an 8900 QCP this post is for you too! Make sure to check out the video tour at the end of this post!

First Looks

First up, I’m not going to lie, the Horizon 8200 QCP caught my eye because of the beautiful blue accents. If I’m going to spend countless hours sewing on a machine, I want it to look pretty. And the Horizon 8200 QCP is very pretty! Besides pretty, this machine is a substantial size! The pictures definitely don’t convey just how big it is. The foot print is approx 48cm x 23cm (19”x9”) and 28cm (11”) tall! You know just by looking at it that it is sturdy enough to handle so many projects! Plus there is a huge extension table available as an optional accessory for this machine. 


This machine is 9mm machine with 170 stitches including an alphabet and 10 one step button holes! You will not run out of stitches! There is 11” of space to the right of the needle, tons of accessory storage for the large amount of standard accessories that come with the machine including a knee lifter.  If you have never used a knee lifter, you are in for a treat. I found it life changing. Plus did I mention that there is an optional extension table? 

When you first look at it you may wonder where all these fancy stitches are. There is a keypad where you can enter what stitch you want. Do you have to memorize all the stitches? Of course not. When you flip up the top panel of the machine a whole new world appears! Isn’t that amazing? The stitches are divided up into 6 modes. When selecting the stitch that you want, simply press the ‘mode’ button on the panel until the mode number on the left of the screen is displayed.


Since we are talking about the keypad and display, lets take a closer look. I will admit I was at first a bit overwhelmed. Your machine manual will be your best friend while you work out what each button does but it’s pretty intuitive once you start using it. I LOVE that there are short cuts for the most used stitches across the bottom. The other key I want to bring to your attention is the one with a key on it. This is the lock function key and you will want to get into a habit of using this key. Whenever you change a needle, thread your needle or are adding any accessories,  lock your machine to avoid any mishaps. I’ve had a few close calls over the years and it’s not worth it. Pressing this button takes a fraction of a second and it helps save you and your machine from running into any issues.


So we have looked at the machine and at couple of the features but you have to see all the accessories that come with the Horizon 8200QCP. It is amazing! There are 15 feet included!!! From bag making to creating your own clothes, sewing around your home to making a quilt from start to finish, you have everything you need!  All included with your machine. Between the two tiered storage tray with an additional compartment at the back of your machine plus the additional storage on the top of the machine, your favourite accessories will always be close at hand.

Storage in Top of Horizon 8200 QCP
Removable Accessory tray. Two tiered on the front and single on the back


Quilters – you will be happy to know that not only does the Horizon 8200 QCP come with a straight stitch plate for ultimate accuracy in piecing (which may I add, can be changed without having to fiddle with screws!) but this machine comes with the AcuFeed system for quilting  – Janome’s fabulous walking foot system – and everything you need for free motion quilting!

A generous throw doubled up fits through the throat space!

If you are concerned at all with visibility when sewing this machine has you covered. The large throat space and generous amount of light make everything easy to see. 

This machine is sure to take your sewing to the next level! If it is speaking to you, reach out to your local Janome Canada  dealer and ask for more details on how you can get this machine into your studio today!

***Video coming****



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7 Responses to Virtual Tour of Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCP

  1. thank you – this is my machine and I love it. I will look for the videos. BTW I am in the UK


  2. Adriana Willetts says:

    I have this machine and I love it. It is a workhorse. I am continually learning what this machine can


  3. Jan says:

    Looking forward to the video, also. I will check your You Tube channel to see if you have anything on the 8200 or 8900. Will check back here, also, hoping for a video to be included as stated.


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Jan,

      The video is done and posted to our You Tube channel (Janome Life). You can find the link on the post published yesterday as this has been edited to add the link. Sorry for the inconvenience. We try to keep all the balls in the air but sometimes we drop one!!
      And yes there are some other MC8200 videos there on our You Tube channel.



  4. Constance Taylor says:

    There is no video. I do not understand why you post that there is a video when it is not possible


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Not possible? Not sure what you mean? There are some videos already on our Janome Life You Tube channel.T here was supposed to be a further video but, I apologize, it fell through the cracks and I forgot to remove that little notification. We will work on something further when we have time.



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