Look what you can do with Artistic Digitizer: using Nodes

So I have a question for you: Why was the Artistic Digitizer user sad? Because they didn’t node how to use the nodes!! Lol. Ok, that was really cheesy haha. Sorry.

Today’s snippet is all about Nodes. What are those? A node is a point at which lines or pathways intersect or branch; a central or connecting point.

The nodes create the outside shape of the object or create the outline.  To see the nodes of an object, select your object then select Edit Nodes.  Blue, red and green nodes will appear. They can be moved  by L-click and dragging or selected and deleted. Multiple nodes can be deleted all at one time by L-click and dragging a box around the ones that need to be deleted.

The blue nodes are auto smooth nodes and are created automatically by the software, the green nodes are smooth nodes (curves) and the red squares are cusp nodes (straight lines/sharp corners). Both the red and green have control handles that allow you to stretch and shape the line.  When adding nodes using the digitize tools a L-click will add the auto smooth and smooth nodes.  To create lines and corners use the shift and L- click. When making a sharp corner a cusp node will create a better look to the stitches  – almost like a mitered corner to a satin stitch line.

To add nodes or change the type of node R-click on the created line or node and an info window will appear with your choices. (see the above graphic)

Editing nodes opens a whole area to creating better embroideries, or fine tuning one you already have.

Anne Hein from Janome America created this content, thank you so much Anne!

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