Cleaning Between the Lines

We all know that cleaning our sewing machines is important to keep our sewing machines running properly. Regular maintenance with a qualified dealer is essential. We need to clean our machines after each project. Sometimes in the middle of a project if the project produces a lot of lint or fluff.

When we clean our machines, we can easily forget the feed dogs. In this picture I purposely didn’t clean the lines of the feed dogs for a couple of projects to get some build up to show you.

To keep the performance of your machine it is important to clean all parts.

When I pulled out the fluff, it isn’t much as you can see, but it can affect the performance of your machine.

Another place we forget to clean is the bottom of the bobbin case. Again it isn’t much fluff, but it can make a difference.

Happy Sewing!


About Anne Stitcher

I am the newest Educator with Janome. While I have been sewing for over 40 years, I'm finding there is always something new to learn in the sewing world. New techniques, new tools and new fabric.
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