Artistic Digitizer Worksheets

Have you been enjoying working with your software? We hope so! There is so much that you can learn while experimenting and playing with your designs.


A sample of what they look like

Have you had a chance to attend any of our classes this month with Artistic Digitizer? These worksheets are a printable handbook to have as reference while you are creating.

Don’t forget that we have a third session of our fall Artistic Digitizer classes happening soon, ask your local dealer for the sign up information!

Click below to download Worksheets 1-5.

These downloads will open new windows in your browser, which you can then save to your computer or print them out.

Example of a shape placement, then Convert To Floral.

There are more worksheets that will be available in a later post. Happy digitizing!!

Until next time,


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2 Responses to Artistic Digitizer Worksheets

  1. Sally Pruett says:

    Will the Artistic Digitizer software work on the Memory Craft 10000


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Sally,
      Yes, the MC10000 and hoops are listed in the software so yes, you can for sure digitize with Artistic Digitizer. The challenge will be how you will get the digitized designs from your computer to your MC10000. The newer softwares require much more computer capacity and newer computer operating systems so you would need to check your computer specs are sufficient/compatible with the software. The MC10000 is much older technology so it depends on whether you can save your digitizing onto a PC card for the MC10000 or not?
      Generally we strongly advise that computer, software AND embroidery machine be up to date systems or you may run into compatibility problems where one or another wont “talk” to an older technology device. Make sense?


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