Software Snippets: Optimizer Options

GOOD NEWS is that the expiry date for free access to the embroidery software has been extended to 7th November – YAY !! So you have one more week to play with the software and create some wonderful embroideries!  Please be sure to contact our participating Janome Canada dealers to purchase the software so you can continue having creative embroidery fun! Ed. 

We have more software snippets for you today ….. be sure to try this out before your code expires.

Sometimes we want to adjust the jump threads when working with embroidery designs. How do we do that? Today’s post is all about customizing the built in Optimizer to make changes to our sequence.

You can find this from the top tool bar: Tools>Optimizer Options.

This window has several parameters you can change to make the software work for you. Two I want to highlight are Applique Frame-out distance and Trimming distance between objects.

Applique frame-out distance is how far a “jump” stitch is made when selecting Applique.  There really isn’t a jump thread, but in slow redraw it looks that way and the machine reads it as a jump thread.  Sometimes this causes the design not to transfer if that “jump” thread is too close to the hoop. In those cases rotate your design a bit or if you don’t want to hassle, with it change it in Optimizer Options.

Trimming distance between objects is where you would set the minimum distance for a jump thread to be created. By setting the number small, you will have less jump threads. (The minimum is .020in)

Thank you so much Anne Hein, from Janome America, who created this content for us.

Until next time,


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2 Responses to Software Snippets: Optimizer Options

  1. says:

    I have purchased the Artistic software and would like to know how to change the programme to be in Imperial (inches) instead of Metric. Thank you for your assistance. Irene Reed


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Irene,

      Hope you are safe and well. Long time no see!

      Easy to explain how to change unit of measurement:

      Go to the TOOLS tab at the top. Click OPTIONS on the drop down menu and see the box TO IMPERIAL under measurement system & unit view options. Click this.
      Not sure if you have to close the software and reopen so see imperial measurements. Maybe not.



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