Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting with Janome MC 8200 QCP!

Whether you have had your Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCP for a while or if you are just opening up your box, this post will help you navigate it with ease!  Video link is included – scroll to the bottom of this post to find that. 

The Horizon 8200 QCP is very similar to the Horizon 8900 QCP. So if you have an 8900 QCP jump on in, things should be very similar to what we cover here. 

Tip: Start at the End!

I’m going to start where many people end when they are dealing with any issues. How to clean your machine. I know it’s a chore and really, if you’re sewing away, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning. Creating is messy in so many ways but our machines will thank us endlessly if we keep them clean before  – not after –  they develop problems.  After every 2 bobbin changes, I stop and clean out my machines. If I’m working with high lint fabrics, I stop to clean every bobbin change.



  1. Turn off your machine and unplug it.
  2. Remove your needle and presser foot (I know this takes time but it’s going to give you the best view for getting everything nice and clean)

  3. Remove the accessory tray and the needle plate by using the One step needle plate remover lever. Remove the bobbin and the black bobbin holder.
  4. Using the brush that came with your machine, start to clean out the entire area making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. Don’t force anything but don’t be afraid to poke around with the bristles a little bit. 
  5. Use a soft cloth to wipe out the bobbin area and then put your bobbin holder back into the machine. Make sure to line up the red mark on the holder with the red mark on the machine. 
  6. Install your needle plate, needle and foot and plug your machine back in and turn the machine back on.
  7. The Janome Horizon 8200 QCP also has a special cover so you can clean out the thread guide area. Lift this plate up and use your brush to clean out the area and wipe the cover down with a  soft cloth. Reinstall the cover. 

    If you do this regularly you will cut down on many potential issues!

Trouble Shooting: If your machine isn’t sewing properly or the thread keeps breaking

This can happen to even the most experienced sewist. You get sewing and all of a sudden something isn’t working right.  I really like to take a top down approach.

I start by locking out the machine, removing my bobbin and unthreading my machine (take the spool right off). First I check out my spool of thread making sure there aren’t any nicks or weird winds on it that would cause my thread to get stuck and pull.

Then put the spool back on and make sure I’m using the right sized spool cap, too big or too small can cause issues. Before rethreading, raise the presser foot which opens the tension discs. When threading, I make sure the thread slips in-between the discs and that it doesn’t get wrapped extra times around any of the thread guides.

Before threading the needle, I take a good look at it and run my finger up and down it. Any slight curves or nicks can have a big effect. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your needle, then now is the time to replace it! I rethread my needle and move on to the bobbin.

It’s very important that the bobbin goes into the machine the right way. The thread needs to peel off the bobbin to look the letter P. Once it is placed in the machine, the thread goes through the little slit between the metal pieces around the bobbin and pull the thread under the front finger guide. follow the arrows. Replace the cover and using the hand wheel (turn towards the front of the machine) bring up the bobbin thread or use the needle up/down button.  I then unlock the machine and try it out. So many times this will solve any issues that have been happening.

Trick: Built in Snack Drawer

So this may not be the real purpose of the extra storage container but I’m choosing to believe this is why it is here. Sewing needs snacks. I think the best part is that it is located at the back of the machine so you have to finish sewing a seam before accessing your treat. That’s very motivating.

Troubleshooting: Weird Sounds

If at any time you are sewing and things start to sound off or you hear a buzzer that doesn’t sound normal, stop. I know that sounds pretty straight forward but trust your instincts and check the display for warnings. Check  the back of your manual for any suggested fixes and if everything is checking out then rethread as outlined above to see if that helps. 

Tip: Prepping for a big project. 

I personally hate stopping to wind a new bobbin. I like to be proactive so before I start a big project, I wind up a few extra bobbins so when I run out,  I can simply pop in a new one and not have to stop Sewing to wind a bobbin. Having them handy in the front storage compartment makes for an easy transition every time you run out of thread.

Trouble Shooting: Sewing fabrics and there are waves

When you are sewing with different fabric types you may have to make adjustments to the machine to get the desired effect you are looking for. This may take some trial and error with scrap fabric. Before you start playing around with these settings, make sure to write down where they started so you can quickly reset things at the end. Or use the default icon to reset the stitches. 

A good place to start is looking up what type of stitches work with the fabric you are using and making sure you have the appropriate needle for that fabric. On the Horizon 8200 QCP you can adjust your thread tension, the foot pressure and, if you are using the Acufeed / Dual Feed, there is a balancing dial to adjust. Change one thing at a time and see how it affects your results. Once you have everything working properly make sure you write it down so the next time you are using these fabrics you know exactly how to set up your machine. 


Presser foot dial is on the left and the thread tension is on the right

There you have it! You now are able to sew with your Horizon MC 8200 QCP like a pro!

What was your favourite, Tip, Trick or Troubleshooting idea?

Here is a link to the video Amanda recorded giving you a virtual tour of the Janome MC8200.  

Stitch On!


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15 Responses to Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting with Janome MC 8200 QCP!

  1. James Miller says:

    I love my mew 8200 qcp. It’s the first machine I’ve tried free-motion quilting with. But I have had one strange issue. When I free-motion quilt, I get constant thread breaks and tension issues if I have the needle in the 01 (middle) position, but not if I use the 04 (left) position. This isn’t an issue for the most part, but I like to use a ruler in some instances, and my quarter-inch ruler foot requires the needle to be in the 01 position. Has anyone encountered this? Is there any way to remediate it?


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi James,
      When you are using he middle needle position, are you using the straight stitch needle plate? Or the zig-zag needle plate?



      • James Miller says:

        I use the straight stitch needle plate. It’s really weird. It will work for a variable amount of stitches, but it’s like the top thread is rubbing against something in the machine, it starts to fray and then breaks. But if I switch over to the left position, I never have that problem.


      • Liz Thompson says:

        James, if you are doing a straight stitch and the thread is shredding, you could have a tiny nick or abrasion on your needle plate. Please inspect it and if you cannot find anything and the thread breaking continues or skipped stitches continue, then you should enlist the help of your dealer to investigate further.



      • James Miller says:

        I’m using the straight stitch plate. It’s really strange. When I try to stitch in the middle position I see the top thread start to fray, and then it snaps. It seems like it may be rubbing against something. But It’s not an issue in the 04 position.


  2. KittyAnn Hudson (KittyAnn) says:

    I absolutely LOVE my machine!! It is an MC8200 QCP. I’ve only had it for 2 months but it is by far one of the best machines I’ve owned in my 50+ year sewing history. It has everything I need in the way of stitches, and feet too. I’ve sewn a variety of projects since it arrived- blouse, baby quilt, purse, a pillow and a couple of pincushions. The machine handled every type of cloth and thickness without fail. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone, it’s a great price point too.


  3. Beverley Ford says:

    Worst machine I have ever bought Janome memory craft 8200QCP 8200QCP I sew with it and go to change the stitch & won’t work at all just stays on original board !


    • janomeman says:

      HI Beverley, sorry you’re having trouble with your machine. Sounds like you need to take it in to your authorized Janome service technician who can diagnose and fix whatever the issue.


  4. Jo says:

    Good tips thank you sometimes it is the little things go wrong you for get go back to basics first.


  5. Linda Fielding says:

    This Janome Life post was excellent. It would be great if you could share this on the Janome Sewing Room in FB. There are so many new sewers out there due to Covid and they constantly run into issues with their new machines that cleaning could possibly resolve. I have had several Janome machines and currently own the 4900, 1200D Pro Serger and the 12000. I clean my machines regularly and would have appreciated a post like this for any of those machines when I first purchased them. Thank you for a great post..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Linda,

      Please understand that Janome Life is a Janome Canada initiative. The Janome Sewing Machines classroom page is administered by Janome America. We participated in some of their classes this year but this was by invitation. We cannot expect them to list our various social media platforms as a matter of routine as they have their own that they administer and promote. However, I do hear you which is why we spend a good deal of time and energy promoting our various social media platforms as well as our website where we offer some exclusive Canadian content such as our partnership with Sew4Home.
      Yes, today’s post was in response to specific requests from consumers for information about the Mc8200. We also started a new YOU TUBE channel called Janome Life earlier this year where we posted videos on a range of different machines that we had been selling during the Pandemic. Have you been to this resource? We are limited by what machines are in stock (we are currently in a situation with very short supplies due to the Pandemic) and by what each educator has at home to work on and produce blog posts. I’m actually really glad I asked for the 8200 to be sent to Amanda before they sold out and until we can get more in stock!
      We did, at the time the Mc12000 was launched and for a period after that, do a number of blog posts on this machine. All of these can be found in our search box as every post we do is archived. I cannot offer anymore posts as that machine is no longer available but, in all honesty, many of the features on other machines ARE on the Mc12000 so there are shared features when other machines are mentioned. For example, the video tutorial on Saturday – 2 days ago – could just as easily be done on the Mc12000 as on the Mc15000 – and other Janome embroidery machines. It may not list the Mc12000 but it sure still applies to your machine.

      Thank you for your feedback.



    • Sherrie Johnson says:

      I totally agree with you, Linda. But I will say, after mentioning a similar thought last month, I also was expressing my dismay with there not being a lot of info on my Skyline 9 embroidery machine. Liz assured me that the info for most embroidery machines can apply to so many of them. I, too, feel that Janome Life is packed full of info. I subscribe to the Janome YouTube channel here in the US…but also to Janome Life YouTube channel. And this blog. I get a little disgruntled at the US channel because it seems most of the videos run from 34 seconds to a couple of minutes. The Janome Life has longer videos that are so informative and instructive. We have many options and I’m glad the Canadian one is there. All of the instructors for their blog and channel are so good! I also have the 1200D Pro Serger…so I’ll take any and all info I can get!! The Facebook communities are also a wonderful option! I subscribe to all that I can get my hands on…especially during these COVID times. I’m kept quite busy at my sewing and cardmaking. Good luck.


  6. Marilyn says:

    Snack drawer best idea ever!


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