Holiday Embellishments

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet? I’ve noticed a lot of neighbours have their lights up with more and more lawn ornaments appearing daily.

Apparently we are all decorating early as a way of finding some joy in the midst of everything else going on these days.

We haven’t started decorating just yet but we did get new exterior lights up recently! It was quite the production and my daughter and I enjoyed watching them from the inside.

While I haven’t started too much on the indoor holiday decor, that doesn’t mean that planning isn’t in full swing!

I’ve decided that new stockings are in the works for everyone this year. Have you made them before? They are actually really easy to make and even easier to customize.

There are lots of patterns available and you can even just trace around an existing stocking that you have if you like the shape. I love a stocking that has a bit of batting it in to make it soft and fluffy and a nice cuff.

It was fun going through and figuring out whether I had any Christmas fabric stash left from last year.

And I was super excited to use a glittery gold metallic thread from Madeira that is really lovely to use for machine embroidery work.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this thread? I have just recently started using Maderia thread in the last year and I ADORE it!

For this pattern, the lining also forms part of the cuff. And this is what I wanted to embellish – a little monogram embroidery, using my Janome Skyline S9, so everyone knows who’s stocking this one is for.

I marked out my seam allowance so I know where my borders were on the stocking cuff.

And then I marked the centre of my cuff.

Using the Janome AcuSetter I was able to perfectly fine-tune and position my embroidery design on the cuff. (Sorry for all the shadows. Anyone else missing their summer photography light??)

I love that you can line up the tabs in the corners to make sure your design is perfectly aligned.

Have I mentioned how much I love this gold Mediera thread? Look how beautiful and shiny it is!

Finally, it’s time to sew the stocking. Lining was placed right sides together and the outside fabric was also placed right sides together. I added batting, so I placed that on the back of my outside fabric. Then each piece was stitched leaving the top open on both, and on the lining fabric, I left a two to three inch section on the foot open. This is where I turn my project right side out.


I turned the lining right side out and carefully positioned the exterior inside the stocking, lining up the seams at the top of the stocking and then stitching around the entire top of the stocking.

Through the opening in the lining, I pulled my stocking right side out. Then stitched the bottom opening on the lining closed.

Our first bit of Christmas decor is ready!!

Have you started holiday sewing yet? How about decorating? What are you doing to bring a little joy to this time of year?

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