Have you tried Tapered stitches?

If you are lucky enough to have a Janome machine with this Tapering feature, you are in business!! Janome models which offer tapering are Skyline S9; MC9450 (and MC9400 which has been upgraded to MC9450); MC15000 Quilt Maker and Continental M7.

WHAT is tapering? 

In this pic, there are a number of stitches which have been tapered at the beginning and/or the end of the stitching. I’m not going to explain how to do this as we have a video for you to watch here Celine explains this.

This pic shows how you can miter corners of , for example, applique stitching at perfect 45 degree tapering. Can you see the possibilities this feature offers?


Have you tried tapered stitches?

Create perfect mitered corners around shapes and borders.

Have neat, tapered starts and ends to your rows of decorative stitches.

Embellish all sorts of applications to give professional, neat results.

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6 Responses to Have you tried Tapered stitches?

  1. Katherine Quinn says:

    Unfortunately when I purchased my 9400 I was told it I upgraded there would be no difference from the 9450. The taper stitch is one of the differences. I would like to have had that. Oh well.

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    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Katherine,

      It is unfortunate that you were given incorrect information. That does not make sense as why would we offer a NEW MACHINE – the MC9450 – if there was no difference between the MC9400 and MC9450?

      Mc9400 owners were/are able to upgrade their machines to Mc9450 but tapering is not one of the upgrade features. That is only available on the Mc9450 and other machines which have this feature.

      We have done many posts here on Janome Life on both the MC9400 and MC9450. 2 of our artisans over the years have blogged about this machine as have our educators. You can do a search in the search box but here are just 2 about the MC9450 features and tapering.

      https://wp.me/pWsKp-5D9 and https://wp.me/pWsKp-5kj



  2. Cindy says:

    Is this function available on the MC9400?


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Cindy,

      I do not believe this is a feature on the MC9400 – hence listing Mc9400 upgraded to MC9450 in the blog post. I am pretty sure it was one of the upgrade features on the MC9450. I have checked both the manuals for 9400 and 9450. Tapering is listed in the 9450 manual but not in the 9400 manual. There is a specific icon on the screen for this feature. The icon looks like a satin stitch which has been tapered to a point. If this icon is not on your screen, then you do not have the feature.

      As far as I am aware, upgrade kits for the MC9400 to upgrade it to MC9450 are still available. If you are interested, please ask your local Janome dealer to make inquiries about price and availability of the upgrade kit. I’m pretty sure we published blog posts on this here on Janome Life – you could do a search to find out what else comes with the upgrade kit.



  3. lyncapecod says:

    AND – one more function that I had no idea about. Love these little tutorials showing things I never dreamed I could make the machine do! Can I teach it to do my housekeeping while I sleep so I can have more time to play? This tapering function will keep me busy for a long time; it’s so pretty and…and…and…by the time I’ve truly figured it out and used it, I’ll read another tutorial about some other function that one of these super-talented people use and I’ll be off on another adventure. LOVE my 15000 and all you super people with such great ideas!!!!!


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