What do Peacocks and Lotus flowers have in common?

What do Peacocks and Lotus flowers have in common? Well that would be the lovely quilts our educators worked on this year. We were to debut these quilts – there are 3 of them – at Quilt Canada in Edmonton in June but we all know what happened to that plan.

However, we have prepared a tutorial for you explaining how we made the quilt blocks and put them together – many different hands worked on these quilts and the skills of our educators shine through.  There are instruction notes in PDF format to download….feel free to access this for a whole lot more information.

How did this project come to be? I (Liz) asked Tania at our Toronto office to produce a graphic of a peacock and a lotus flower. I told her the colour palette we wanted to work with and gave her a piece of fabric as a “loose” inspiration. Her graphics were then given to Celine – our educator in Montreal – who digitized both designs. These designs are a FREE DOWNLOAD so, again, feel free to access them and use if they inspire you to creativity! Just scroll down the link above to the bonus designs and click to download.

One thing I will point out is that these designs contain a LARGE number of stitches so you will need to plan your project accordingly and STABILIZE adequately. You might also like to read the PDF as most of us experimented and tried all sorts of different things with the embroidery designs. Some of us turned part of the designs into appliques and we explain in the PDF how we did that.

The Acufil quilted blocks on the aqua print fabric were stitched using various different quilting designs: some included in the Acufil quilting tool software; some digitized by our educators in Artistic Digitizer or Janome Digitizer MBX software.  Please note that we have not included these designs in the free download. You can use any Acufil Tool designs or other quilting-in-the-hoop designs as the inspiration takes hold of you.


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2 Responses to What do Peacocks and Lotus flowers have in common?

  1. Kay Warcup says:

    I love it – it’s awesome! I’ve been collecting peacock designs to make a quilt for myself for a while now and haven’t got around to doing it with all the other things I’ve been making. It’s going to have to be my new years resolution!


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Kay,

      Glad you like it!! We had a lot of fun and it was wonderful to see how 5 different educators interpreted the designs and came up with such lovely variations. Now you can add these 2 designs to your collection – Just download from the Inspire tab > Canadian projects. Do be sure to let us see what you might do with the designs!



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