Saturday Sewing Holiday Projects #6: Free Standing Lace Ornaments and more

Today we offer our Saturday Sewing Holiday project #6 – all about making Free Standing lace with your Janome Embroidery machine >> tree ornaments, napkin rings, holiday decorations and more. Celine explains this on a video here.  

These snowflakes are available for purchase on Janome AcuDesign App.

Embroider on water soluble stabilizer only or add tulle or organza into the mix? Mylar also makes a pretty, iridescent effect.

This lovely 3D stand alone lace and applique embroidery may be purchased on I have called her the sugarplum angel!

We recommend Madeira Avalon Plus for free standing lace embroideries. Our Madeira Starter set of 12 stabilizers is a very good way to try out different stabilizers to see which ones you might like to purchase by the roll from your Janome dealer. Madeira starter sets are available from your Janome Canada dealer. (Part# 9449)

Celine talks about these free standing lace items on the video 

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2 Responses to Saturday Sewing Holiday Projects #6: Free Standing Lace Ornaments and more

  1. Nancy Cawood says:

    I hope you can help me! I want to make. embroidered snowflakes on my Husqvarna Rose with embroidery attachment. This was the great gift this year but there might only be two ever made if I can’t figure out a few things! I am using the Marathon Threads H2O Gone stsbilizer with organza Iin the hoop. The organza slips and the stitching gets shifted. The stitches build up underneath so it gets caught up under the foot. Should I have the organza floating on the stabilizer and not in the hoop?. Should I have 2 layers of stabilizer? Should I let the machine do the outline stitching around the design border(that is the square of stitching before the embroidery starts)? Should I loosen the pressure on the presser foot? I am using marathon embroidery thread but should I also be using it in the bobbin.? Anything you can suggest to help me would be so appreciated. Plan B is chocolates! I got some helpful tips from Celine’s video but she didn’t go into this technical stuff.


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Nancy,

      We are not familiar with your specific embroidery machine so cannot comment on why it seems to not be operating properly – getting caught up underneath, etc. You may need to have a dealer for that brand look at your machine, especially if it has not been serviced and/or cleaned recently.

      When making free standing lace, we would suggest having the same thread in the needle as in the bobbin. Using thinner threads like bobbin thread (in the needle too) can reduce thickness of the embroidery.

      If you are getting slipping of the fabrics and stabilizer, I would suggest you check the hooping has been done correctly and securely. Possibly you could try using a water soluble spray adhesive to adhere the layers together, then hoop. That should reduce slipping. But the hooping should also be secure and tight. I don’t know whether your machine has a basting function although it sounds like you mention that. If it does, using that will also reduce slipping,
      And yes, depending on the type of water soluble stabilizer you are using, you may need 2 layers.

      Not sure about presser foot pressure as with machine embroidery the foot does not actually press onto the fabric. It hovers over the fabric. Some of our machines have the ability to lower or raise the level of the presser foot but that is for allowing thicker fabrics to be embroidered and is not about presser foot pressure. I cannot comment on your machine as I am not familiar with its features. You would need to ask your dealer or a website for that brand.

      But I hope my suggestions are of assistance to you.



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