Day 6 of our 12 days of Holiday gift ideas with Janome: Madeira Stabilizer Starter pack

I love Madeira Stabilizers! I think they make the perfect gift for any sewist on your list. It isn’t a secret that us sewists love to shop for 4 things: Fabric, Thread, Machines and Fabric. (I  know I listed fabric twice, we just love buying it that much). Everything else we have to buy for our projects is just taking money out of our budget for the 4 things listed above. Stabilizers are a necessary part of many projects and because they are a consumable product, so we often have to dip into our fun spending money to buy more of them. 

If you don’t know what type of stabilizer to get the Madeira Starter Set is perfect! This set comes with 12 different types of stabilizer and will cover all your needs! In this pack you get 4 different versions of each of these:  Tear Away, Wash Away and Cut Away. Each one brings a unique benefit but will still work for a variety of projects and is clearly labelled so you know exactly which is which. This Starter Set is perfect for bag making, garment sewing, home design projects, quilts and most definitely embroidery of all types!

Whenever I’m sewing and my stitching isn’t coming our exactly how I think it should, I use some stabilizer to see if it makes a difference. It often does! With Tear Away and Wash Away options you can remove them from your project and no one will be the wiser.

Left: No Stabilizer on Quilting Cotton
Right: Madeira Avalon Fix (wash away) with Quilting Cotton

I use tear away stabilizers for some of my quilting projects. I do a lot of foundation paper piecing and if I have a project that has lots of tiny little pieces I like to print if off on the Madiera Cotton Soft Tear Away Stabilizer. I find it tears away easier than printer paper. I cut the sheet to printer paper size and goes through my printer with ease.

Foundation Paper Piece Template Printed on Madeira Cotton Soft Tearaway Stabilizer

I constantly find myself reaching for more stabilizer all the time. It really helps make my final products look even more professional. Giving the gift of a Madeira Stabilizer Starter Pack is really the perfect gift for any sewist. 

Pro Tip: If you save all the little scraps from the Wash Away stabilizers and dissolve them in a spray bottle and you have your very own fabric stiffener! Nothing goes to waste and it’s like you’re giving 2 gifts in one! 

Check out this great Blog Post by our Artisan Trina for some great ways to use the Madeira Stabilizer!

Stitch on!


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3 Responses to Day 6 of our 12 days of Holiday gift ideas with Janome: Madeira Stabilizer Starter pack

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  2. Ruth says:

    Thanks I have been curious about the world of stabilizers. However, unless I am mistaken this product line is not available in Canada? Is there another brand that you recommend that we can get up here? Cheers!


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Ruth,

      You are mistaken. Janome is the distributor for Madeira thread and stabilizers to our network of Janome and Elna dealers across Canada. These Madeira stabilizer starter sets can be ordered from us by our dealers and then sold to you. If you have trouble finding a store that sells Madeira, please let me know and I will assist you further.



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