Day 10 of our 12 days of Holiday Gift Ideas with Janome: Daylight Lamps!

Whenever a new Janome machine hits the marketplace, you can guarantee that improved lighting will be one of it’s many impressive features. It’s something we all look for and appreciate in a machine, especially as our eyes mature; when sewing for many hours and when sewing late into the night.

For example, the fabulous Janome Continental M7 has beautiful, crisp, bright lighting all around the needle and throughout it’s impressive 13.5″ all-metal bed. This really helps you see exactly what’s happening at the needle and around your project.

But, when you add a fabulous Daylight Lamp, like the adjustable Luminos Table Lamp model overhead, you get that same crisp, beautiful bright lighting washed over and in front of your machine. This helps you match-up and pin your seams in place before taking to the needle; helps you see tone on tone colours, like black thread on black fabric, more easily, especially when you have to get out the seam ripper to remove those stitches.

If your machine has an LCD screen, having more lighting over and around your machine will also help reduce the glare and intensity of the screen, which will reduce eye strain and fatigue over time. I also found I got less headaches (especially when I sewed late at night) by having more lighting near my machine. You don’t even have to get out of your chair to turn it on, just reach up! The Luminos Table Lamp has 3 levels of intensity.

The base has a big “C” clamp which will fit around a variety of tables, and it easily fits through the cable port in my fabulous Arrow/ Kangaroo sewing table. Best part of all, no assembly required! Unbox the light and you’re good to go!

I showed the Luminos Table Lamp, and Janome Continental M7 as part of the Janome HQ Instagram LIVE series, Janome’s Magical Machine Mystery Tour. Click on the link HERE for that video.

There is a Daylight Lamp for every need, every purpose and every budget, so be sure to check with your fabulous Janome Dealer for more information about all the models from which to choose.

I LOVE the Daylight Slimline 3 Floor Lamp. It’s lightweight, so can be moved around your sewing room, and to other rooms of the house, if needed. Careful, though, you may never get it back in your sewing room, lol! It’s sew versatile! It’s the perfect light to use over your sit-down quilting machine, like the fabulous Janome Artistic Quilter SD-16, which I featured as well, on Janome’s Magical Machine Mystery Tour.

Even with bright sun shining in, you can see the crisp, bright lighting the Daylight Slimline 3 Floor Lamp adds over your quilting. The light bar is adjustable and there’s two goosenecks in the metal rod which you can position just where you need them. There’s also 3 intensities of lighting, so you can customize as you wish.

Having good lighting over your pressing surface is also essential. You definitely need to see what you’re doing, especially when it comes to selecting the correct setting on the iron! A Daylight Slimline 3 Clip-on Lamp camps on to any surface, takes up no room, and is just as adjustable as the floor lamp model.

How about this for cool, super-useful technology? There’s a variety of Daylight Lamps which plug INTO the USB port of your sewing machine! Isn’t that amazing!?

There is an AC adaptor included with this Daylight Halo Table Magnifying Lamp, but in case you don’t have a free electrical outlet in which to plug it in, you can use the USB port in your machine to power the light. Talk about convenient!

This Daylight Halo Table Magnifying Lamp is especially useful, not only for casting more light where you need it, but for making it much easier to see projects close-up; fine, intricate needlework or crafting – or for reading instructions on the back of the blister packs, lol! There’s even an extra magnification spot when you really want to get up extra-close! No more scrambling to find your “readers”. This dual-purpose light from Daylight Lamps is all you need!

Be sure to visit your fabulous Janome Dealer for more information and to order any of the fun, and super-useful Daylight Lamps. Not only will your eyes thank you, you’ll likely find your sewing, pressing and quilting results will improve!

Happy Sewing!

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