Day 11 of our 12 days of Holiday gift ideas: The Janome Quilt Binder set

My favourite Janome accessory has to be the Quilt Binder Set because binding is my least favourite thing to do.

Now that I have all those quilts I made during the pandemic, I have too many that need binding.

This is an amazing tool that not only saves you fabric by cutting strips 2″ wide instead of 2 1/2″ wide, but most of all it saves you time. You only have to sew once around the whole quilt edge therefore saving you all the awkward pulling and pushing of the big quilts through your machine. And you don’t have to iron the folds.

Check out the different stitches you can use to bind the quilt and add the extra touch to your quilts. I used a grey thread to but I could have used a metallic or red thread. This stitch is a blanket stitch with length of 5 and width of 3.8. I also used the curved stitch.

I used a star stitch on the opposite edge.

When you are sewing, it allows you to catch both the top and the back of the binding at the same time. By adjusting the front plate you can accurately sew right on the edge of the binding or down the middle of the binding. The instructions on the packaging are easy to follow. Our Janome Life You Tube channel and blogs also has wonderful step by step videos on how to attach the binding using the Quilt Binder Set. Here is a link to one such video.  

This Janome accessory absolutely belongs on your Wish List this Christmas!


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