Artistic Digitizer – Update V1.6 is now available.

Good news for owners of Artistic Digitizer software

There is an update (from version 1.5 to 1.6) for Artistic Digitizer  which has just become available for you to install.  This v1.6 update is free for all existing owners of the Artistic Digitizer full version.  ( see below for what is included  the Artistic Digitizer Junior version).

The update includes new and improved features as well as other improvements and minor fixes:

1. Larger multiple frames:

The size of your design is no longer a problem. You can now easily insert and position additional hoops. This is very useful for large designs that require multiple hoops.

2. Additions for appliqués:

A new placement method for appliqués has been added to the software. Zigzag placement for a pre-cut appliqué is a great way to decorate your work to make it stand out. The way the stitches are placed on the fabric resembles the rays of the sun, highlighting the entire appliqué design.

3. New work area functionality:

You can now use any shape as a “work area” (guide line shape). You can create the shape of your choice using the available tools, then use it as a work area or select one from the predefined work areas. 

4. Improvements to the Array tool

“Predetermined” arrangements have been added. Using the presets, you can mirror the repeats horizontally, vertically, or back and forth like in the four corners of a rectangle. These presets are in addition to the tool’s existing manual mirroring capabilities.

5. Customization of user interface (UI) colours now possible:

Allows for grid colour control and customization of outline colours, guide lines, canvas colours, etc. Settings can be saved by default, but also for each individual design. (Select “Customize User UI Colours” in the View tab).

6. AcuFil Stippling designs have been added in the software to the collection of built-in designs:

16 new designs have been added. You can use them to create stipple fill (meander / stippling) with wonderful designs. Perfect for quilting or any other embroidery design.


Artistic Digitizer V1.6 Jr contains items 1, 5 and 6 from the list above and also includes the new feature ‘Ambience Quilting’s Stippling’.


Existing users of Artistic Digitizer software can upgrade to version V1.6 for free. To install this update, just make sure you have a stable internet connection, then open the software and through the ‘Help’ tab, click ‘Check for updates’ and follow the instructions displayed.

Videos of the Artistic Digitizer software:

The tutorial videos explaining the functionality of the Artistic Digitizer software can be viewed via the following links (internet connection required):

link to Full version tutorial video page

link to Jr version tutorial video page

NOTE: These videos can also be viewed through the tutorials built into the software (internet connection required).

Another way to download the update for free is to click on this direct link:




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2 Responses to Artistic Digitizer – Update V1.6 is now available.

  1. lunnfran says:

    Thank you for continuing to update and improve the Artistic Digitizer software. I use Simthread and am frustrated that there is not a correct list of colors within AD to choose from. It would be very helpful if this could be updated or if the software had the option to add colors manually. Thanks. 120 spools color card and conversion chart

    Frances Lunney



    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Frances,

      Thank you for your feedback. I will pass your suggestion on but you could also contact Anne on the Artistic Digitizer Facebook group as she is the Software Specialist Educator for North America and she would be a better person to pass your request on to our software developer.



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