Saturday Sewing: Free Form Appliqué – Apple Mug Rug

This free form appliqué is a fun and organic form of appliqué using your Janome sewing machine.  You can use any of your own applique designs.

Materials Needed:

2 Squares 6 ½” x 6 ½” for background

1 square 5” x 5” for apple

Scrap green fabric for leaf

Black thread 12 wt or your preference.

1 square batting 6 ¼ “ x 6 ¼ ”

Janome Darning Foot PDH (closed toe optional)

Janome mini duck bill Appliqué scissors

Marking tool or pen

Print an apple design or draw your own and cut it out.  Trace the pattern onto the apple fabric.  I used a heavy marker here in order for it to show in pictures but you would use a wash away or iron away marker.  Do not cut out the apple fabric yet.

Place the apple fabric onto the right side of the background fabric making sure to centre on the square.  You may spray baste or pin the fabric.


Thread the machine with the 12wt black thread ( thicker thread) and regular thread in bobbin.  We recommend you use a Janome red tip needle with its larger eye or a top stitch needle to accommodate the thicker thread.
Attach  your Darning foot and don’t forget to lower the feed dogs.  Following the marked line,  sew twice around the edge in a “messy” way. This gives it that organic look.  If you wish, you can use a light stabilizer on the back. 

Using the new Janome mini duck Bill scissors, trim away the outside edge of the apple making sure not to cut too close to the sewn line in order to leave a narrow raw edge. 

Repeat the same process for the leaf and stem.  Finish the Mug Rug using your favourite method such as sewing the front and back with the batting right sides together and turning right side out after sewing. 


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  1. Serena Harris says:

    These articles and projects make me feel less intimated about my Janome embroidery machine


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