Artistic Edge Digital Cutter: cutting cardstock and online Edge cutter classes

Many of you already own this Artistic Edge Digital Cutter –  There are two models: the 15” which is WiFi capable and the 12”. Both come with the same Simple Cut software that is very powerful. There is so much to mention that it will take more than one post. Stay tuned for more posts on the Artistic Edge Digital  cutter  coming over the next few weeks. There are limited stocks of the Artistic Edge 12 Digital cutter left in Canada. Ask your local Janome Canada dealer for more information. 

AND we have a 2 part virtual class on the Artistic Edge cutter and Simple cut software coming up in early February: 1st and 8th February at 1-3pm Eastern. If you would like to attend these classes ( you would need to attend both classes as we split the content into two x 2 hour classes), you are welcome to ask your local Janome Canada dealer if they are participating. If not, try any of the dealers on the list below as they are participating and I’m sure they will be happy to register you for this 2 part class. 

Please note that we are offering these classes because so many of you have asked us to do so. We strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible as we expect the class is going to fill up very quickly. Numbers are limited! 

  1. Triangle Sewing Centre in Ontario offers online booking
  2. Haus of Stitches, Saskatchewan  Tel: 306-682-0772
  3. Ultimate Sewing, Ontario  Tel: 905-436-9193
  4. Taylor Sewing, Ontario  Tel: 613-342-3153
  6. Tom’s Sewing Machines, BC  Tel 604- 507-2841
  7. Threads that Bind, Ontario Tel: 519-922-1010 or
  8. Sewing World, Alberta   Online booking at
  9. Linda’s Quilt Shoppe, Kelowna, BC  Tel: 250-491-9770

Once you have registered for the class, your dealer will provide you with information about the class including the log on codes, supply list and information about what you need to have set up to maximize the learning opportunity of this class. It will be partly lecture/demo and partly hands-on learning. 


For the past few years, we’ve been posting about the Edge Cutter, so may wish to use the search box to find many of the previous posts we have published. Here is another post with information about how to cut cardstock for a lovely winter greeting card.

To make a card, it’s best to find a design to practice with.  Several sites offer free templates and this project was downloaded from: Dreaming Tree, which offers a nice collection of free projects in addition to the more elaborate paid projects. Don’t forget to download the free app for your smart devices to receive the latest news and updates.

The procedure is very well explained and illustrated. Notice the intricacy and delicacy of each part cut from card stock of different thicknesses. The cutting mat does get scored over time but, despite this, it does a good job. 

The Janome Artistic Edge Digital Cutter offers several functions. In addition to cutting, it writes… yes, just replace the blade tool with a pencil of pen and it will write the text you composed. You can use any pencil, pen, felt-tip pen, calligraphy pen, coloring pencils, etc. 

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