Artistic Edge Digital Cutter: Cutting applique fabric and Online Edge Cutter classes.

In the previous post about the Artistic Edge cutter , we cut some card stock to make a card. Today we are cutting fabric to use for an applique. In the following example, I have chosen a snowflake drawn by  Tania at our Janome Canada office. 

Since the Artistic Edge Digital cutter also cuts fabric, the aim of this exercise is to understand how to prepare fabric for an appliqué. Use Terial Magic to stiffen the fabric. Also iron fusible web onto the back of the fabric. Later after the applique shape has been cut using the Edge cutter, the paper is removed from the back of the applique and the fusible film remains on the fabric. Position the appliqué, right side up, on the area of ​​the fabric surface that will receive the appliqué; we iron for a few seconds so that the glue can adhere firmly to the fabric. There you go … the applique is in place.

You can use the SimpleCut software that comes included with the purchase of the Edge Digital cutter. You can also use the Artistic Digitizer software for this exercise. Both softwares provide this same function.

When I don’t check the box circled in red, I only cut out the outline of the pattern:

When I check the box circled in red, I cut out the outline of the pattern as well as the holes:

In the next photo, you will see two different cuts.  In addition, I kept the frame of the cutout, because it can be used either to make a reverse appliqué or to be heat-sealed on a card or a gift.

And why not superimpose one pattern on the other, the one without a holes below, and the one with holes on the top. Here is the final product:

Visit your local authorized Janome Canada dealer to find out how you can purchase one of the remaining Artistic Edge 12 Digital cutters. 

And check out this link to an earlier post where we explained how you could register for Artistic Edge cutter virtual classes with Janome Canada dealers which are coming up in early February.  
UPDATE: this class is almost fully booked and registrations close today.  You may ask a participating Janome Canada dealer to put your name on a waiting list in case we offer this class again. 



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4 Responses to Artistic Edge Digital Cutter: Cutting applique fabric and Online Edge Cutter classes.

  1. Kathy Clark says:

    I am very interested in purchasing the 15″ Janome Artistic Edge digital cutter but have been told it is being discontinued by Janome. Is this true? I live in Houston, Texas.


  2. Dawn says:

    I wish you would safe these classes so people like me that work during the day can watch them on my day off. I would love to learn more about this machine. I know it’s a live class do people can ask questions, which is good, but I’m sure there are many people out there that can’t make these live classes that can learn an awful lot from the class if you made a video of them.


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Dawn,
      You have been welcome to register with a Janome Canada dealer and get a link to the video after the class. We have offered that from day one of these classes. Many people have already made use of the video for many of the classes. It is not possible for us to offer all these classes in the evenings or weekends. We know very well that people work and we also have to work with the fact of multiple time zones. I have said it several times: it is almost impossible to find a time that suits everyone. So the next best thing we can offer is a video link. You are/were, as I say, welcome to make use of that option.



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