So it seems I dropped the ball on the Janome Life post earlier today. My apologies …it seems I did not give enough information if the dozens of queries today are anything to go by?! So let’s try and fix that and give you more information about our upcoming virtual  Machine embroidery classes. I updated the post earlier today with some information but here is more:

  • The Janome Canada Education Department is not registering people for these virtual classes. These virtual classes are being offered through our participating Janome Canada dealers. You need to contact one of these dealers to register for the class. At this time, these dealers  below are the ones who are participating and are  therefore equipped to register you for either one of the 2 Embroidery classes.
  1. Triangle Sewing Centre in Ontario  www.trianglesewing.com
  2. Haus of Stitches, Saskatchewan  Tel: 306-682-0772  haus.stitches@sasktel.net
  3. Ultimate Sewing, Ontario  Tel: 905-436-9193  ultimatesewing@bellnet.ca
  4. Taylor Sewing, Ontario  Tel: 613-342-3153    paige@taylorsewing.com
  5. Tom’s Sewing Machines, BC  Tel 604- 507-2841    info@klssewing.com
  6. Threads that Bind, Ontario Tel: 519-922-1010 or  info@threadsthatbind.ca
  7. Niagara Sewing Center, Ontario Tel:905-358-5710  info@niagarasewing.com
  8. Sewing World, Alberta Tel: 403- 259-4075 www.sewingworld.ca
  9. KW Sewing, Ontario Tel:519-884-6981  kwsewingmachines@gmail.com
  • The dealer you contact will tell you the cost of the class. You can call, email or look at their websites. We do not quote pricing as we are not selling the class to you – our dealers are doing that.
  • There are 2 classes on offer: one in the eastern time zone and one in the Pacific time zone – see below at the end of this post for dates and times.
  • The class is a 5 hour class with lecture/demo about embroidery  (see below) and plenty time for you to create 4 separate in-the-hoop embroidery projects.


  • Once you have registered, the dealer will email you a bundle of information: the class information (including the log on code); a Wish list; a supply list with instructions of what you need to gather together and prep before the class; and the 5 embroidery designs to load onto your USB stick for the class (these will be supplied in .jef format).

  • You may use any of our Janome embroidery machines PROVIDED your machine has a minimum hoop size of 5×7 inches and has a USB port for transferring designs to the machine.  Janome models that will work for this class are: MC15000, MC12000; MC550E; MC500E; MC450E/400E; MC9900; Skyline S9; MC9850; MC350E. Janome machines that do not have a USB port or use the older technology of PC or memory cards cannot be used in this class.
  • The lecture demo part of the class will cover topics like: needles to use for embroidery; threads; yellow dot bobbin case and bobbin thread; stabilizers – what one to use when and how to hoop correctly; how to transfer designs from your computer to your embroidery machine; what do I do with all the icons on the embroidery machine screen; basting in the hoop; customizing a design; adding lettering on the Edit screen ; and a lot more!

  • Notes will be provided  as well a link to a video recorded during the class. This will be sent to you after the class by the dealer with whom you registered for the class.



  • We will provide you with 5 embroidery designs with the compliments of the Janome Canada Education team: 4 will be for projects we will do during the class: embroidery on a t-shirt; an in-the-hoop zipper baggie (perfect for a USB stick, lip balm or a small bottle of hand sanitizer); an in-the-hoop mug rug and last, but not least, learn how to do piecing in the hoop – YES, no need for paper foundation piecing or your 1/4 inch quilting foot !-  Rather use our design digitized by our talented Janome Canada educator, Erin ( who teaches our virtual Artistic Digitizer classes)  to piece a cute 1/4 block with precision and speed. Make 4 and you have a block to use for a pillow or tote or whatever you fancy.

  • The 5th design is a bonus design (full instructions have already been published on Janome life about how to digitize and stitch this eye mask)

  • We use the GotoMeeting platform for the virtual class.
  • This Let’s Explore Embroidery class will be taught by me (Liz Thompson – National Education Manager, Janome & Elna Canada)  and I will be available throughout the 5 hour class to answer questions and do impromptu demos where necessary.
  • We are offering 2 separate Saturday “mini” embroidery retreat classes: one will be on Saturday 30th January at 10am – 3pm EASTERN. This same class will be repeated on Saturday 6th February at 10am – 3pm PACIFIC. Pick the time zone which best suits you and register with any of the dealers on the list above.

But we would suggest you HURRY to register as the classes are filling up fast and we will be closing registrations soon when the classes are full. 


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  1. Sarah Rose Duthie says:

    You listed Ultimate sewing Holboldt, Ontario but with the phone number and email for Ultimate Sewing, Oshawa, Ontario Sarah Duthie


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Sarah Rose,

      There was a typo on Ultimate’s listing but this has been corrected. The Contact details for Haus of Stitches and Ultimate Sewing were however correct under #2 and #3 on the list.



  2. MaryEllen MacGregor says:

    so none in bc?Sent from my Galaxy


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Mary Ellen,

      Please read the list again. Tom’s Sewing in Surrey, BC is listed. As the class is a virtual class, you can log on from wherever you are.



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