Discover Coverhemming: Quick Alterations of Ready to Wear Items

I remember the first time I discovered that a coverhem machine existed. I was amazed that from the comfort of my own home I could get a super professional finish on my garments!  If you are unfamiliar with a Coverhem, it is a machine that uses 1, 2 or 3 needles to finish a hem, covering the raw edge and can be stretched without popping! Think of the hem on your favourite t-shirt that you bought from a store.

Mark out desired sleeve length (safety pin), then mark your cut line below that at your desired hem depth (grey line)

I don’t always have the time to make everything I want from scratch and so I buy ready to wear clothes. We all know that items off the rack aren’t always exactly what we want but this is where having a coverhem comes in so handy! Making quick and professional alterations with your Janome CoverPro takes your ready to wear garments to the next level.

Fold under and press according to fabric settings. Then feed fabric it onto the seam guide

This adorable Llama night shirt came with long sleeves but this wouldn’t do for a hot sleeper! A quick trim and using the Hem Guide Type 2 for my Janome Cover Pro 2000CPX I was able to shorten the sleeves and I think it looks like it came off the rack this way, if I do say so myself,!

Adjust guides so they are in the right place for your hem depth and start sewing

You can use your Coverhem without a hem guide but I love how the guide keeps everything in place and makes sure your finish is flawless!

Ta Da! Perfection!

If the world of Coverhemming is new to you and you would like to learn more, we have an amazing series of classes for you! In this 3 part course of virtual classes you will learn how to use the machine, what accessories are available for it (and how to use them) and some great tips and tricks to tackle almost any projects. You absolutely do not need a Coverhem machine to take this class so if you are on the fence about buying your first Janome Coverhem, this is a perfect chance to take a deep dive into it’s full potential and help you make that final choice. For all the details on these classes please check out this blog post.

Stitch on!

~ AmandaBee

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