Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCP is Amazing for Making Bags!


Often when we shop for a new sewing machine we have in mind one type of sewing we want to focus one. Many of us do like to dabble in other sewing adventures as well. Recently I wrote a blog post on how the Memory Craft 8200 was a dream for quilters. Now, I would love to tell you how amazing it is for bag making (another one of my hobbies)!

A few years ago I decided I wanted to make this Sophia Swim Tote (Pattern by Swoon Sewing Patterns).  I had even gone as far as purchasing fabric for the top but knew I really wanted to use cork for the bottom and straps. That is where I got scared and stopped. Last Fall I finally caved and bought the cork I needed for the rest of the bag. 2020 was the year I was going to make my Beach Tote!

If you haven’t worked with cork fabric before, you really need to try it out. I was scared to jump in because its pricey and not familiar,  but there really isn’t anything to be worried about. It sews like a dream but is a bit bulkier. The bulkiness is no issue for the Janome MC8200!

There are a couple cool features on the MC8200 which are going to make your bag making a dream!

First up is that the presser foot has an ultra high lift setting! When you raise the lever at the back it stops first at the normal level. If you push it more it goes up even higher and stays there until you lower the lever again! Many machines have a higher level but you have to keep holding it higher. On the MC8200 it stays in this position and you have both hands free to fit your project in under the presser foot.

The second cool feature is this little black knob on the A Foot. When you go to sew over bulky seams you may find that your sewing foot gets stuck? This is because your presser foot isn’t level and is causing too much resistance for it to sew over the bulk. By pressing in the little black knob  and then lowering your foot on the bulky area it will lock your presser foot in flat and allow it to go over the seams much easier. Once the bulky area is cleared the button will automatically release like magic!

These two features paired with the power of the MC8200 and the smooth sewing really made making my Sophia Beach Tote a piece of cake. Every time I turn on the MC8200 and sew with it I’m amazed at just how awesome a machine it is.

Stitch on!


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3 Responses to Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCP is Amazing for Making Bags!

  1. Adriana Willetts says:

    Hi I bought the MC8200 last year and I absolutely love it. The more I use, the more I’m learning what it can do. I have sewn so much on it, that I have to get it cleaned very often.


  2. CherylAnn says:

    Thanks for sharing Amanda. The photos of the foot doing its work are a really good visual of what it does when you use the little knob. I’ve sewed with Janome machines since about 1984 and knew about that knob, but didn’t know “how” to use it for about 20 years. When I learned it was a dream come true as I sewed blue jeans for myself, hubby and 4 children for years and struggled with the thick seam allowances – hems being the worst as I hemmed lots of jeans and slacks in my day. Your pictures will help many to know just what to do and what should happen when they use that little black know on the “A foot”.

    I love this blog as it is so informative – thanks to all the Educators and Artisans at Janome for sharing with all of us.



    • Adriana Willetts says:

      Hi CherlyAnn, I agree. This blogs have been so informative.Not only about the features of the different machines, but also the many sewing ideas. I have made some great gifts.


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