ARTISTIC EDGE DIGITAL CUTTER – another exercise offering variations of applique stitching

Please be sure  scroll down to the bottom of this post for info about the Open House Q&A on the Edge Cutter this week.

Let’s continue our learning of the digital cutter, Artistic Edge (12 & 15) . Our fabric is cut and we want to sew the applique in  place:  we must first embroider a placement outline in straight stitches in order to position the fabric.  Here are 4 different versions of stitching the same motif  – green was selected to better see the appliqué

Version # 1 : Automatic border >Stitching >OK > Color >Red 

This is the placement line

Version # 2 : Automatic border > satin stitch >OK > Color >Green

Version # 3 : Automatic border >Stitching >Properties >Surface >Appliqué >Cutting of fabric >Pre-cut > Attachment point E

Version # 4: Automatic border >Stitching >Properties >Setting >Decorative stitches # 47 >Edge Setting width: 2.0mm
Once all the options have been saved, they must be downloaded to our Edge cutter  via WiFi (Edge 15 model) or via the USB cable (both Edge 12 and Edge 15). We always want to go fast and often we make mistakes; do you recognize this one? A little piece of thread sticking out … so it’s tempting to go and cut it without stopping the machine … look what can happen when your scissors get too close to the needle! 

Here is the result of our exercise today. There are so many variations of decorative stitches and types of finishing around an appliqué in Artistic Digitizer software that it is almost impossible to see the end!


Contact your local authorized dealer to get a demonstration on the Artistic Edge digital cutter, to see their samples, and maybe buy the one of the last remaining Edge 12 cutters !!!

If you missed our recent Janome Canada virtual classes on the Artistic Edge cutter, we suggest you contact one of the participating Janome Canada dealers who can put your name on a waiting list in case we offer this class again in the coming months. For participating dealers, click on this link and scroll down to find their contact details.   In addition: we are offering a free virtual OPEN HOUSE Q&A for those who attended our recent Edge Cutter classes. This will take place this Thursday 18th February at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. If you have not yet received the log in code for this Q&A session, please contact the Janome Canada dealer with whom you registered for the recent Edge Cutter classes. The log in code was provided together with the video link for the Part 2 class. Please  check your spam/junk folder first and then ask the dealer to email it to you. 

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5 Responses to ARTISTIC EDGE DIGITAL CUTTER – another exercise offering variations of applique stitching

  1. Sandy Munro says:

    Hi Liz

    I am in process of watching the artistic edge virtual class. I am having a problem with the software and attempted to reach out to tech support but the email that I wrote down from the class came back as undeliverable. Could you confirm where I should direct questions?


  2. Tina says:

    Good morning

    I took your Artistic Edge cutter class on Feb 1st and 8th. It was a fabulous class.

    I still do not have either of the video links or the Documents from my dealer. I have called twice now. I know she is really busy with dealing with curbside and all. The last time I called was this past Saturday hoping I would get the info so I could practice before Thursday. I am sure I will get the info from her but maybe not in time for the open house.

    I am hoping in can get the “Go to Meeting” meeting code from you so I can at least join and hear other people’s questions and your answers.

    Also has the time changed? I thought it was discussed in the class that it would at 7 pm EAstern Time on Thursday.

    Thank you Tina Wiggins

    Sent from my iPad



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