Adjustable Knee Lifter

Ever wish you had an extra pair of hands to hold down your fabric while you try to raise the sewing foot?

The Knee Lifter does just that.  Once I started using the knee lifter I can’t do without.  No matter your size or height, the knee lifter is adjustable so it is comfortable and easy to use.

The knee lifter is available on many Janome machines.   It has a full range of adjustments. It makes it easier to sit right in front of the needle position for better comfort. 

I use the knee lifter the most when appliqueing and I need my hands to hold the fabric in place.  It is very handy when doing curves as it allows you to make small adjustments while you are sewing.  I love it. 

It gives you a chance to sew for hours in comfort.  It is something to get used to if you haven’t tried it yet but in no time you will get the hang of it and wonder how you ever did without it.

It is an accessory I can’t do without.

Ask your local dealer if your machine can accommodate the Adjustable Knee Lifter.

Happy Quilting


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