A Sneak Peak into Hemming and Mending Like a Pro Class

How often have you heard a fellow sewist say that they won’t hem someone’s pants for them? Let’s not sugar coat it, hemming and mending items are the least fun tasks as a sewist. However, they are a necessity and that is why we think our Hemming and Mending Like a Pro class is so awesome. 

In this 2 hour class we cover many quick and easy techniques that will make the time you spend hemming and mending super productive. We also highlight a bunch of cool accessories for your Janome that make this process even easier! You are sure to leave this class with the know how to tackle any hemming/mending project with ease and a finish that is very professional.

Janome’s Taping Guide Foot

Hands up if you hate ironing. I know you can’t see  me but my hand is way up. I love to iron fabric straight out of the dryer and I love ironing quilt blocks. That’s it. Please don’t ask me to iron anything else. For this reason I love Janome’s Taping Guide Foot. Using this foot and either store bought bias tape or tape binding you make yourself, your raw edge is sealed in one step!

Look at how amazing the stitching is on this! The Tape Guide Foot lines everything up so you get a super polished, professional looking bound edge with no ironing! You can even use decorative stitches!!

Do you know what this foot is?

It is Janome’s Automatic Button Hole Foot. I’m going to bet that if your machine came with one that it sees very little light of day unless you make things with button holes all the time.

Did you know that you can do more with this foot than just make button holes? You sure can!! Combine this with a darning stitch and you can mend holes in your clothing. Pick either a thread to match for your mending to blend in or a contrasting thread for a bold statement!

If you would like to learn more about these techniques and about other ways to make hemming and mending a breeze, check out our class schedule including more details on how to sign up.

ED: Points to note on registering for our virtual classes: 

Hemming and Mending like a Pro is back by popular demand and will be presented on Tuesday 16th March at 2-4pm Eastern.

  • As usual, registered attendees will get a link to the video recording after the class. These classes are being offered only by participating Janome Canada dealers so you will need to contact one of the dealers on the list below to register for this class.
  • There is a set fee for the class so there is no need for you to call around to get the “best” price. Please support your local dealer if they are participating.
  • Once you have registered, please be patient! We will close registrations for the class one week before the class OR before that if the class becomes fully booked.
  • Your dealer will then email you the class information including the log on code shortly after registrations have closed. If you do not receive this,  check your spam and junk folders and contact the dealer with whom you registered. 


  • Once registration for the class has been closed, and you have been sent the log in code, there can be NO cancellations or refunds. If you unable to attend ( we know …… life happens),  then you will be able to watch the video after the class and receive any Notes (if that was applicable for that class). The dealer will email this to you. 
  • All of our classes this year have been fully booked, and we have had to turn people away.  Please be mindful of this as we move  forward with these popular classes. 

    Janome Canada Dealers participating in the Hemming and Mending like a Pro class:

Janome Canada Dealers participating in the Sewing and Embroidery for the Food Fanatic class:

  • Ultimate Sewing Centre,  Ontario  Tel: 905-436-9193 ultimatesewing@bellnet.ca
  • Triangle Sewing Centre in Ontario  www.trianglesewing.com
  • Taylor Sewing, Ontario  Tel: 613-342-3153    paige@taylorsewing.com
  • Threads that Bind, Ontario Tel: 519-922-1010 or  info@threadsthatbind.ca
  • Red Deer Sewing Centre,  Alberta  Tel 403-346-2597  sales@reddeersewing.com
  • KW Sewing Machines,  Ontario  Tel 519-884-6981 kwsewingmachines@gmail.com

Stitch on!!!

~ AmandaBee

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