The Versatility of the AcuFeed Flex System

Did you know you can make an entire quilt with the AcuFeed Flex System? Just by changing the foot on the AcuFeed Flex System you have everything you need to do just that. There is a foot for each step of the process. And, with the AcuFeed Flex system, everything feeds wonderfully through the machine for nice even stitching and great results.

By raising your presser foot as high as it will go, you can easily change the foot of the AcuFeed Flex System. You do not need to remove the foot holder, just raise the pressure foot as high as it will go and you will have plenty of room to slip off one foot and slip on another.

The first step to quilt-making is piecing the quilt top. Attach the AcuFeed Quilt Piecing Foot (Twin) to the Twin/Dual AcuFeed Flex Foot Holder and set your machine to the 1/4″ stitch. You’re now ready to get that perfect 1/4″ seam.

Sometimes I like to make Frankenbatting. What is Frankenbatting you ask? Well, that’s when you take your batting scraps and stitch them together using a zigzag stitch. To make Frankenbatting use the basic AcuFeed Flex Foot. This is the foot that comes with the Twin/Dual AcuFeed Flex foot holder which is included with many Janome sewing machines.

Stitching in the ditch creates a crispness to the piecing and keeps everything lined up nicely. I don’t always stitch in the ditch, but when I do I can use the AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot.

I have to admit that I usually stitch in the ditch using my AcuFeed Open Toe Foot (Twin). I like to see my needle hitting the fabric in just the right place. And of course I also do my walking foot quilting with the open toe foot because of the maximum visibility.

The final step to making a quilt is attaching the binding. Whether you like to bind completely by machine or finish off your binding by hand you will need to attach one side of the binding with the machine. Use the AcuFeed Piecing Foot and the 1/4″ setting for this step. If binding completely by machine, turn the binding to the back and use the AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot to stitch from the top of the quilt right beside the binding making sure to catch the binding on the back.

Consider using these feet to make your next small project. Who knows, you may like it and never look back.

Quilt on! Melissa Marginet

ED – Melissa is teaching on online Quilting with your Walking Foot class March 23rd through participating Janome Dealers. While this class is SOLD OUT, please contact your local dealer if you are interested to be put on a waitlist. If there is enough interest, we will always run the class again. Happy Sewing!

About melissamarginet

Melissa Marginet is an avid quilter whose passion is to teach and inspire other quilters. She is known for quilting with a walking foot and travels Canada to teach her techniques and empower quilters to quilt their own quilts on their home sewing machines. She is now also offering her classes online. She has published two books, “Walking Foot Quilting Designs” and “Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Quilting Designs” as well as several quilt patterns. You can visit her website to find out more about her and see her work.
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12 Responses to The Versatility of the AcuFeed Flex System

  1. Kimberly Eddy says:

    I have the 9400 and want to use stitch 20 in the Quilting screen to quilt. I have the Acufeed foot AD on, but when I engage the Acufeed Flex button it only allows for straight stitching and no decorative stitches. How would I use the Acufeed feature and be able to quilt with decorative stitches?


    • janomeman says:

      Hi Kimberly, you can use the Acufeed Flex foot holder and AD foot without engaging the Acufeed feeding mechanism, but that won’t reap the full benefits. Once engaged, the foot wants to feed the fabrics going forwards, not side to side or reverse and greys out all other incompatible stitches on the screen. We’ve asked Janome for a work around, and they’ve delivered with the Continental M7, which has a separate Acufeed feeding motor! We can now stitch in all directions using decorative stitches, etc with the feeding power of Acufeed. This is an exclusive feature on the Continental M7, so perhaps you might consider an upgrade? Happy Sewing!


      • Kimberly Eddy says:

        Thank you so much for your quick reply! So glad Janome changed that for the M7. My 9400 is about 3 years old and I’m not sure I can convince my hubby to let me upgrade. LOL!! Maybe in the future!! Thanks again!!


      • janomeman says:

        Thank you, Kimberly. Janome does listen to the feedback from their loyal fans and users, and tries to deliver where the can, so we were thrilled with the new separate AcuFeed motor in the Continental M7. And there’s a clock, too! That was another thing we asked for. We’ll all help convince your husband – we’re enablers here, but in a good way, lol! Happy Sewing!


      • Elizabeth Ferraro says:

        so, if we don’t engage the accufeed feeding mechanism does the foot just work as a regular non accufeed foot?


      • janomeman says:

        Basically, yes. The feeding mechanism built-in to the foot – think of it as upper feed dogs – won’t feed the fabric as effectively without the Acufeed activated.


  2. Jette says:

    Hi Melissa. Do you turn on the Dual feed key button when you do the walkingfoot quilting?


    • janomeman says:

      Hi Jette,
      Yes, depending on the machine, you would indeed select the AcuFeed button to engage the AcuFeed


      • Jette says:

        Hi Janomeman. Thank you for Your quick answer. I have the Janome 9450 maschine – – and I have an additional question :-). Can I use a thick thread – or ribbon in my Bobbin to do Bobbi work? I have tried to find some information on the internet, but I haven’t succeed.
        Thank you from Jette


      • janomeman says:

        Yes! You can indeed use thick threads and ribbons in your bobbin to do Bobbin Work. It’s recommended to use the Blue Dot bobbin holder because of the lower tension. You may have to wind the thicker thread by hand, and for sure the ribbon. Lots of good articles and a few videos on You Tube came up when I typed Bobbin Work in my web browser, so give that a try to find out more information. Happy Sewing!


  3. Sharon Louise Graham says:

    Is their a Acufeed foot for Skyline 5


    • janomeman says:

      HI Sharon,
      NO, the AcuFeed Flex system is available on the next model up, the Skyline S6. It’s also included on the Skyline S7, S9, MC6700P, MC9400, MC9450, all versions of the MC 15000, MC12000, MC8200, MC8900, Continental M7


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