Couching and Embellishing

Do you want to add a little something to that Jean Jacket or that throw pillow? Why not use couching …… and it’s fun!  You get to use all those fun yarns with sparkles if you wish.

To practice first, choose your favourite yarn  – dont use one that is too thick to start with.  Find a fabric that already has a beautiful design on it so you can follow the lines.

The feed dogs have to be lowered in order to move the fabric around freely.  If you have quilting gloves, that will help you hold onto the fabric while you sew.  Set up your machine for free motion quilting with a small short zigzag stitch.  You don’t want the stitch to be too wide or it will hit the sides of the foot. 

Couching on a quilt block or any type of fabric such as linen or denim, uses a couching foot designed to hold the yarn and let it glide through the hole in the foot. 

The Janome Free Motion Couching Foot Set for high Shank machines comes with 2 interchangeable  feet.  The package has clear illustrations on how to attach the foot properly.

Use a light weight thread top and bottom and match the colour of the thread to the colour of the yarn. 

Practice doing circles and take your time.  Remember that you have to move the fabric because your feed dogs are down.

Experiment with different yarns and weights……. just have fun.

Happy Sewing



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