Janome Rulers and Templates

I am so excited to receive this package in the mail today.  Check out these Rulers for Ruler Quilting on a Domestic Machine,….I love them.


These rulers are great to create designs on any quilt or table runners and toppers.  The acrylic rulers are thicker than the ones we use for cutting fabric.  They are designed so that when used with the proper Ruler Quilting Foot, the foot doesn’t hop onto the ruler and break a needle or the ruler or both!

When using these rulers, I always wear my quilting gloves for a better grip on the ruler and the fabric.  You can also add a two-sided masking tape on the back of the ruler to help it grip the fabric better. I also mark a few registration marks so I know where I am going or aiming towards.

The Janome Sew Comfortable Half Circle Templates come with Design Ideas right on the back of the packaging as well as Instructions and Tips on how to use the rulers.  Rulers are ideal for continuous designs like the half circles or even just straight lines on the diagonal or in the ditch.  The designs you can make are endless. 


There are a variety of rulers available like the Circles, 4inch swags, Curves and Straight Line , just to name a few.  Check out some of these Rulers on this Janome life post.  Visit your local dealer to get your set of Rulers.

Happy Quilting.


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  1. Krys says:

    Awesome! Looks like you will have fun! Can’t wait to see! 😊


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